Noises From The Neighborhood

Ten years – A hundred bands – A thousand experiences Imre Kálmán and Ferenc Lehár in Vienna, Gustav Mahler in Budapest – only three names of many, that prove, Austrian and Hungarian culture have been tied to each other with a thousand strings. This close relationship is very much alive today too, even if we do not exchange conductors, but in a very strong flow of influences coming from the pop scene of USA, Britain and other it’s really worth having a look at other places with new ideas, maybe first of all at those coming from our neighborhoods. A38 has always intended to promote at its best the music trends of our neighbours, both newcomers and stars, performers and bands. Austria has never been an exeption in this sense, where we had really plenty musicians from, thank to which some of them became real festival-favourites, like the Parov Stelar Band, or the famous Viennese domestic big band, Vienna Art Orchestra, while also some very important newcomers of contemporary electronica like Elektro Guzzi, Waxolutionists or Dunkelbunt introduced here. This work of ours got a huge support from the Austrian Cultural Forum, one of the closest partners of the A38, since the coorporation of the two institutions is as old as the Ship. The Austrian Cultural Forum has been supporting the A38’s work for ten years, and during this time magnificent artits like Soap & Skin, Parov Stelar, Richard Dorfmeister and the Madrid de los Austrias, Dzihan & Kamien, Count Basic, !DelaDap, Louie Austen, the Sofa Surfers and others – international stars and less known great artists have performed aboard as well. Our Noises from the Neighbourhood – Zajok a szomszédból inventious serie presenting the best, freshest, most exciting and most popular productions of contemporary music has presented a very good part of the actual Autrian music scene. All these projects together brought the best of Austrian rock, jazz, world and electronic music to tens of thousands of people making up the Hungarian audience. And if we add to this the number of those reached by the tv-boadstasts of concerts on the Hungarian state tv channels, than we can really say that a truly huge number of people have learnt what kind of noise actually comes from our neighbourhood.