Noises From The Neighborhood

Henrik Freischlader Band (DE), Oliver Mally (A)

Jazz nights on the A38 Ship

A very special scenic tv-recording performance set by two laeding acts of the German-Austrian scene.

Henrik Freischlader Band (DE)

When self-made man Henrik Freischlader announces the end of his career after ten years, retreats, silently garners new ideas and builds up new strength, even the saddest fan or critic will realize that an artist like Freischlader will never be able to stop. It is merely time for the implementation of a new idea that has been with him for a long time. NewBlues.

With the rhythm section of Carl-Michael Grabinger and Alex Grube, three musicians who are the most sought-after of their generation have joined forces. Together, a sound of uncompromising energy and love for the smallest detail is created to respectfully and inspiringly help the blues have a well-deserved renaissance. Henrik Freischlader is back – with the Henrik Freischlader Trio.

Henrik Freischlader – Guitar/Vocals
Alex Grube – Bass
Carl-Michael Grabinger – Drums

Oliver Mally (A)

If anybody in Austria is capable of playing „Contemporary Blues“, it’s Oliver Mally and his band the Blues Distillery”. JAZZZEIT (Austrias biggest Jazzmagazine)

The „Blues Distillery“ can be easily called Austrias “leading band” when it comes to playin’ “Contemporary Blues“. From Texas Blues to Chicago Blues, from Westcoast Blues to “straight-from-the-heart” songs, it’s all in there.

Most of the songs are originals and show a lot of variety and a unique approach. They enrich their program with covers of Steve Earle, Tommy Castro, Muddy Waters … only to name a few. And they don’t try to copy but to interpret with deep respect for the originals.

It’s not easy to lock the band in because the “Distillery” likes to mix up the Blues with a lot of different styles. A “high-energetic” cocktail is guaranteed to be served! … by a band that takes no prisoners.

“Bulletproof” shows that these are seasoned blues veterans that have paid their dues and have written great songs about the journey. These boys from Austria have clearly done their lesson in American music, while giving the music their own unique sound that really makes you want to see them live. This CD called “Bulletproof” is a must for any ones international music collection. It will make you want to go hang out in Europe and take in the blues scene over there.

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