House rule

House rule


  1. Access to the area of A38 is only possible during opening hours. Opening hours may vary depending on the day's programs, which can be found on the A38 Ship's website.

    The A38 Ship sells tickets for programs on the A38, the price and number of which are determined by the A38.
    Some of the programs are sold by external partner companies and ticket service providers. In this case, the number of tickets that can be sold is determined by the A38 Ship, the price is determined by the external partner company.
    The Visitor can find information about ticket prices and the method of purchase on the A38 Ship's own website ( on the A38 social media platforms, as well as on the websites of other partner companies.

    If the Event is free or free but subject to registration, A38 will provide information on the above-mentioned surfaces.

    A purchased ticket entitles you to one entry.
    The visitor acknowledges that after purchasing the ticket, he/she automatically accepts these Policies and assumes the consequences of non-compliance.

  2. People under the age of 10 can enter the events organized on the A38 Ship without purchasing a ticket, accompanied by a parent who has a ticket for that event. Our guests between the ages of 10 and 18 (those under the age of 18) may enter the A38 Ship area according to the following rules:
    • Guests between the ages of 10 and 16 (those under the age of 16) can enter with a ticket and in the company of an adult. During on-site ticket processing, a wristband with a distinctive color will be put on the guest’s wrist - for which proof of age must be presented (identity card or passport) - after which they can only stay in the A38 Ship area until 22:00.
    • Guests between the ages of 16 and 18 (those under the age of 18) can enter with an entrance ticket and even without an adult company. During on-site ticket processing, a wristband with a distinctive color will be put on the guest’s wrist - for which proof of age must be presented (identity card or passport) - after which they can only stay in the A38 Ship area until 22:00.

  3. A38 Ship can only guarantee the entry of the Visitor if the ticket presented at the entrance is original and has not been used yet. Upon entry, the A38 Ship will read the QR code on the tickets to validate them. If the reading system indicates that the code to be read has already been used on the ticket shown, then the ticket cannot be reused. A38 Ship has the right to refuse entry to an event if the ticket holder wishes to enter with a counterfeit, forged or previously used ticket.

  4. A38 will exchange the ticket for the wristband for each event, which the Visitor is obliged to wear until the end of the event. Damage or loss of the wristband is the sole responsibility of the Visitor, so in the event of such, the Visitor loses the rights provided by the intact wristband and is obliged to leave the event area. The A38 Ship reserves the right to inspect the armbands at all times throughout the Ship.

  5. A38 Ship reserves the right to restrict items (eg large bags, umbrellas) and equipment that may be brought into the A38 Ship area.
    In particular, it is prohibited to bring the followings to the area of A38: drugs, pyrotechnic devices, objects or devices containing explosive, toxic or flammable substances, graffiti-making devices, paint spray guns and felt-tip pens, as well as firearms, knives, butterfly knives, spring knives, gas drums, drumsticks, vipers.

  6. It is forbidden to bring food and drink into the areas of the A38 Ship.

  7. It shall not be permitted to enter the area of the A38 Ship while intoxicated or in clothing that is offensive to others. A38 Ship reserves the right to control access.

  8. In order to comply with the policy, the A38 Ship shall have the assistance of a personal and property protection service within the company. The Security Service is responsible for the protection of and by the Act CXXXIII of 2005 on the Rules of Private Investigation. entitled to inspect luggage at the entrance and in the territory of the A38 Ship, to remove certain persons or to prevent their entry.
    By entering, the Visitor expressly undertakes to co-operate extensively with these contributors within the legal framework, and to follow their instructions in the event of an emergency. If the Visitor wishes to complain about the procedure of these persons, he/she can do so at the Ticket Office at the entrance of the A38 Ship.

  9. It is forbidden to bring scooters or bicycles into the areas of the A38 Ship.

  10. A person who fails to undergo the required security screening, is unable or unwilling to prove his or her age with an identity card, passport or license, and who has been removed or banned from the A38 Ship shall be prevented from entering the A38 Ship.


  1. The Visitor is obliged to behave in the territory of the A38 Ship in compliance with the general Community norms, in accordance with the legal regulations and the provisions of these Rules. Visitors are obliged to refrain from any manifestation, communication or action that may endanger or violate the life, health or physical integrity of others or their personal rights.

  2. It is prohibited to engage in any economic, commercial or advertising activity on the A38 Ship's premises without the prior written permission of the Operator.

  3. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served to persons under the age of 18 or to persons under the influence of it. During the service at the counters, the Visitor may be asked to prove his/her age with an identity document. If the Visitor is unable or unwilling to prove his/her age as described above, A38 Ship may refuse to serve with alcohol. The use of substances classified as drugs under current legislation is prohibited in the A38 Ship area.

  4. The A38 Ship operates a CCTV system throughout its territory for reasons of personal and property security. The rules for the operation of the camera system are contained in the rules set out in the A38 Ships Privacy Policy.

  5. The A38 Ship shall not be liable for any injuries or accidents resulting from the improper use of the Ship's superstructure or due to the alcoholic or narcotic influence of the Visitor.

  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the enclosed spaces of the A38 Ship, Visitors may only smoke in the designated area.

  7. A visitor may be removed or banned from the territory of the A38 Ship with the assistance of the guards providing security and safety services and, if necessary, the police, who:
    • endangers the life and physical integrity of other persons;
    • property rights of other persons; endangers the integrity of their property;
    • harasses or otherwise behaves as a basis for police action;
    • incites members of other social groups or otherwise incites unrest within the public by his aggressive behavior;
    • did not enter the area of A38 through the entrance;
    • was previously removed from the area of the A38 Ship.
    A Visitor who has been removed or banned from the A38 Ship on the basis of the points above shall not be entitled to a refund of the entry fee.

  8. It shall be prohibited to bring animals into the enclosed spaces of the A38 Ship.


  1. The operation of professional cameras or other audio and video recording equipment or the recording of business purposes shall be subject to authorization. Unless expressly prohibited by the performer, non-professional audio and video recordings may be made for strictly private purposes.
  2. Audiovisual recordings may be made of the programs to be held on board the A38 Ship, on which the Visitor may also appear. The visitor acknowledges the appearances on the recordings and consents to the appearances by purchasing the ticket.


  1. The A38 Ship operates a cloakroom for the Concert Hall. Items placed in the locker room can only be returned for a valid ticket. In the case of a lost ticket, the clothes or packages left there may be issued to the Visitor after the closure of the locker room, provided that he/she can identify them. The A38 Ship is responsible for the items placed in the cloakroom up to a value limit of HUF 20,000.

  2. The Visitor can drop off the items found on the A38 Ship at the ship's information desk. You can inquire about lost items in the same place, or on the telephone number + 36-30 / 592-8772, or at the email address or in a message on the Facebook page of the A38 Ship.


  1. The Visitor is liable for any damage caused by his intentional or accusable conduct. A38 Ship shall be solely liable for any intentional damage attributable to it and shall expressly exclude its liability for all other damages in addition to its rights under the law.

  2. The Visitor acknowledges that A38 Ship is not liable for any damage or abuse that occurs during or as a result of using a payment method, even if the visitor has not reported the loss of his/her credit card to the financial institution issuing the bankcard. In particular, A38 Ship shall not be liable for any errors, omissions or security in the payment solution used.

  3. A38 Ship reserves the right to change the program.

  4. In the event of a complaint, the Customer Book is available at the A38 Boat Information Desk, Concert Hall and Restaurant.
    Other information and further assistance can be requested at the telephone number +36303685449 or at the email address or on the Facebook page of the A38 Ship.

  5. For safety reasons, the staff of the A38 Ship does not dispense drinks in glass or metal cans from the Ship's counters. Drinks are served exclusively in reusable cups.
    On the A38 Ship, we use reusable plastic cups to serve drinks, which are provided by Cup Revolution. The cups are issued for a one-time fee of 400 HUF and you can exchange them for tokens at the counters, which can be exchanged for a reusable cup on the Ship and at several locations within the Cup Revolution partner network.

Budapest, April 1, 2022