In accordance with the current legislation, our programs can only be visited with a Hungarian Immunity Certificate card / EESZT application or an EU Covid Certificate presenting a valid ID card or passport.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

As you probably have heard all gatherings will be prohibited and restaurants will be closed according to the new decision of the government. Therefore all our events scheduled for the next 30 days will be postponed and A38 Restaurant is going to be closed as well.

Stay safe and look out for each other, the most important issue now is everyone’s health. The main and collective goal is to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

We are currently working hard to reschedule all the affected shows together with the performers’ teams. We kindly ask you to hold your tickets, as they will remain valid for the to-be-announced new dates, no further action needed on your side. In that case we can’t find a suitable date for a show, we start the ticket refund process. We hope we can bring good news soon, we’ll let you know all the updates on our online and social platforms.

As a club, cultural and concert venue we do everything we can to achieve all the challenges this situation gives us such as finding new dates for the postponed shows and bring amazing gigs to our stages again.

Follow us on our social sites, scroll on our blog for interviews and check out our gallery for the best moments of our latest concerts. If you miss live music, let's watch concert footage! Find hundreds of them on our YouTube channels, choose what you like.

Thank you for your support, stay safe, take care of each other!


Online tickets

You can find the ticket purchase process of A38 Ship here. While logged in to our website, you can always find your purchased tickets under the “My Tickets” menu if you click on the little icon on the top right corner. Following the online purchase, we send your tickets via e-mail too, to the address with which you registered to our website. Note: if you log in through Facebook, you will receive this mail to the e-mail address with which you’re registered to Facebook.

At the doors, we scan the barcode on your ticket, so it is important that you have it with you in a way that our tools can scan it. This can happen in two different ways:

1) You don’t have to print the tickets if your cell phone can display the barcode. Make sure to keep the screen clean and unbroken.

2) Print your ticket and bring it with yourself. Please make sure that the barcode is visible and clear of any printing errors.

If we are unable to read the code because of errors not caused by us, we cannot let you in.

Admission and available space

For most of our programs, doors open one hour before the (first) concert starts. You can only enter with a valid ticket containing a readable barcode. For most of our programs, we only have standing tickets. If seats are available, we note it on our website and also on the ticket. Reservations for free programs can be made in the order of arrival for both standing and seated programs. Find more information in our house rules.

A ticket is only valid for the event and location stated on it.

In most of the cases, we swap the valid tickets to wristbands at the doors. In this case, wristbands are only valid if worn on one of your wrists. Damaged wristbands are invalid.

Age restrictions

A38 Ship's events that start after 10pm might only be visited by adults over the age of 18. Unless indicated otherwise, visitors over the age of 16 are allowed to enter programs that start before 10pm. Visitors under the age of 16 might attend only with their parents or if accompanied by an adult with the parents' written approval.

To ensure child protection and to avoid misuse of personal documents, we only accept ID cards for age verification at the entrance.

VAT receipt

You can ask for a VAT receipt of your ticket purchase from A38 Ship personally and online. By purchasing tickets from A38 Ship, you declare that you accept the electronic receipt filled in by us. You can only ask for a receipt during the process of purchase. It is not possible to ask for a receipt after the purchase is finished.