Noises From The Neighborhood

Cancelled! Tanz Baby! (AT), Marla Blumenblatt (AT)

Meztelen Diplomaták, Tiga Lily (AT)

The happiest, craziest, funniest and loosiest Vienna bands and their fresh new sounds from retro pop fun through kicking passionate rock'n'roll to swing, jazz and down-tempo following the traditions of the Vienna master Parov Stelar.

Marla Blumenblatt (AT)

Tanz Baby! (AT)

Using instruments such as a 1970s electronic organ, with its typical groove patterns, and some 1980s vintage drum sounds, Vienna based duo Tanz Baby! create a unique atmosphere of otherworldly artificial retro pop. Melancholy, mariachi style trumpets and a dreamy accordion play cool melodies and transport listeners to far away imaginary seashores. David, always wearing a red rose with his signature black suit, croons with great theatricality and draws the audience into a world of love, desire, and despair. Mu, combining rhythms and song structures influenced by Neue Deutsche Welle music, composed the songs with linguistic idioms from such music genres as “German Schlager.”

Tiga Lily (AT)

Vienna based DJane Tiga Lily is best known for her selection of electro swing and electro jazz sounds. Wherever she spins her favorite tunes, the party is on and no one is able to stand still anymore. She is strongly influenced by Austrian Electro Swing artists such as Parov Stelar or Waldeck.
Tiga Lily is resident DJ and organizer of the Burlesque Event “Cirque Rouge” taking place at Rote Bar, Volkstheater in Vienna and at the “Black Garter Lounge” in Market.
Tiga Lily is closely connected to the burlesque scene in Vienna, furthermore starting to play a lot internationally, for example Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands.

Meztelen Diplomaták

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