Noises From The Neighborhood

Bin-Jip, K3 (A)

Humor, improvisation, fun and freedom is typical for both great formations performing on this night, who are featured by immense creativity instead of the common rules.


Veronika Harcsa, a singer with a unique voice, and her talented bandmates, Andrew J and Balint Gyemant, formed the Bin-Jip band, which has published it’s new album, called Heavy after four years.

The new songs were continuously honed while being played to various audiences and the CD was an outcome of a three-year-long experimental period. “With the first CD’s songs we wanted to have concerts only when the material was ready. During the production of this second CD we played permanently. That is why we had lots of feedback regarding their functionality” – said Veronika Harcsa about the new CD. Andrew - the producer of the band and the new album as well – had been working on the album sound for 18 months, mixing it together with David Schram.

The band has opened up towards electronic and more experimental sounds. “In the past few years I have spent a lot of time experimenting with my voice and working on ever diferent and bountiful effects and sounds I could produce” – said the singer, while her bandmates experimented with their instruments as well. “Andrew J has been working hard on discovering how the material sounds the best, taking care of how each song can be special while the CD still shows it’s harmonious face” – said the guitarist, Balint Gyemant adding that they constantly look for opportunities to be able to create more varied guitar sounds on the CD or even on stage.

Bin-Jip, which plays – as the fans say - "intelligent-electro-alternative" music, has started a winter-spring gig tour and next time they will be heard in Budapest on the A38 on 20th of February. In the meantime here is Heavy, the CD’s title track:

Line up
Harcsa Veronika – vocal
Gyémánt Bálint – guitar
Andrew J – rhythms, samples, scratch

K3 (A)

K3 have been referred to as the enfants terribles of the Austrian Jazz scene.

With their fusion of acoustically and electronically generated beats and sounds, the three unconventional artists walk on a tightrope between pop and free jazz.

Their genre-busting style oscillates between dub, trance, noise and drum and base and the three musicians boldly defy conventions and create a space for artistic freedom. In doing so, they play Jazz in its original meaning: crossing borders, pushing boundaries… far out! - keeping aloof from clichés and mainstream, leaving the beaten track of academic, inane high-speed Jazz.

Improvisation, spontaneity and humour are the main ingredients of the soup they cook up during their performances. Music emerges; it happens live - exclusively!

k3 reinvent themselves with every performance. They alienate, destroy and recreate - and never remain the same. Their music contradicts reproduction and thereby allows the audience to experience a unique feeling of becoming part of the development of k3.

Some may call it Jazz - we call it art, anyways!

Line up
Herbert Könighofer (sax, flutes)
Robert Kainar (drums, perc., electronics)
Klaus Kircher (double-bass, e-bass, guit.)

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