Noises From The Neighborhood

Indie-an Summer - Kreisky (A), Deckchair Orange (A), Hangmás, Gumipop DJs

Austro-Hungarian "best of" meeting featuring indie, electro-punk and retro-new wave excellencies.


A young band following post-punk and new wave traditions with frenetic, powerful concerts, bursting energy and a singer, whose appearance makes you shiver. The band was formed in 2002 and released its first album in 2007 titled "Funeral Party Budapest".

Freak Show EP (2006)
Funeral Party Budapest (2007)
Plastic Tracks EP (2009)
Valaki Ma Este Megsérülhet (2009)
Ragadozó (2011)

Minda Endre - vocals
Molnár Kata - synth
Kabai Gergely - bass
Török Gergely - drums
Pogár László - guitar
Paul Schiessler – guitar

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