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Ozone Mama 'Cosmos Calling' album-release, The Weight /AT/

With their new album released by the American Ripple Music Ozone Mama arrives on the A38 Ship! Prior to this band more and more successful on the international scene The Weight from Austria with their classic rock'n'roll will heat up the air.

Ozone Mama

One of the most promising domestic bands of hard rock, Ozone Mama, is turning to the world: an up-to-date international career is now being strengthened by an American publisher. The first achievement of their collaboration, Cosmos Calling, will be first heard by the audience at the A38 Ship. The album, which will be released in January, will have a pre-order in December, and their first ever Hungarian songs will be available for fans at this concert.

You can listen to the new record, High Ride (radio edit) here.


The Weight (AT)

The Weight comes from Vienna with a mix of rock, blues and psychedelic pop: they have found their strong and scratchy sound of their own. They have already played with Rivals Sons and Blues Pis, and their debut album was finalized with the help of Oliver Zuelch, a German star maker known for Die Ärztet.

Their debut song from upcoming new album titled Trouble

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