Elektro Guzzi (A)

Elektro Guzzi (A)

Elektro Guzzi (A)
Saturday 21:00
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Elektro Guzzi (A)

analogue techno

Acoustic techno by the Mozarts or the Viennese Classicists of the style: computerless drifting power on guitar bass and drums, that will inevitably make you truly crazy. Lately they have had frenetic success on the Dutch Eurosonic fesztival. Don't dare to miss!


Elektro Guzzi (A)

Elektro Guzzi is a three-piece technoband hailing from Vienna, Austria. Their groove driven and subtle music amazes colleagues and listeners when they find out it is all made without any use of a computer. Elektro Guzzi crosses borders and captivates music lovers.

 'Techno is an attitude, it does not rely on the means of production', someone wrote in a review of Elektro Guzzi's debut album. There is no computer in sight when the trio from Vienna, Austria is recording its music. You will find a drum kit, a bass guitar and an electric guitar, you will find lots of cables and effects, and of course there is a tape recorder. Elektro Guzzi's music however is 100% Ableton-free. And yet it is 200% grooveminded, exhilarating techno.

Bernhard Hammer (guitar), Jakob Schneidewind (bass) and Bernhard Breuer (drums) have recorded their two albums with the infamous producer Patrick Pulsinger, well known for his attention for detail. And there is no lack of detail in Elektro Guzzi's pulsating and sometimes dark techno. You can listen to it, over and over, and still discover new sounds and hidden atmospheres. Not only is Elektro Guzzi master of detail, the band is also famous for its compositional strength. Their songs are beautiful, thoughtful structures which grab your attention and won't let go. Leaving colleagues baffled and realizing that it is not the computer that has endless possibilities, but it is still man who can do everything he wants. Like making beautiful music.


  • Elektro Guzzi (A)
    Elektro Guzzi (A)
  • Pesti Estek: Elektro Guzzi (Macro, AT) - lemezbemutató koncert, makrohang
    Pesti Estek: Elektro Guzzi (Macro, AT) - lemezbemutató koncert, makrohang

    29 January 2015


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