Noises From The Neighborhood

Big Daddy Wilson (USA) & Ripoff Raskolnikov (A) & Nagy Szabolcs (H). Little G. Weewil (H/UK)

The all-round blues-master returns to Hungary to meet Ripoff Raskolnikov and a great pianist on stage for a great ride.

Big Daddy Wilson (USA)

Roots, rhythm & blues, gospel, country, folk singer/songwriter the music of Big Daddy Wilson is hard to categorise. He draws from a wide stylistic spectrum from blues, folk, soul & gospel. However you define his music, it is astonishingly authentic, has great stage presence and a highly original sound.

The amazing voice of Big Daddy Wilson from North Carolina whether on festival stages or in clubs, is always warm and powerful. His vocals can effortlessly fill any auditorium and convey an emotional conviction which always touches the hearts of the audience.

In the course of the past four years he has developed an impressive program which proves that the blues doesn’t necessarily need rock elements such as drums and distorted guitars in order to cast its spell.

Line up
Big Daddy Wilson: vocals, guitar, conga, cajon
Ripoff Raskolnikov: vocals, guitar
Nagy Szabolcs: piano

Ripoff Raskolnikov (A)

Ripoff Raskolnikov is a well-known figure. The master of Autrian blues has been a regular performer of Hungarian clubs and festivals for almost 20 years now. He has been releasing mostly solo-albums lately, so its a special occasion to hear him with new stuff this time in a band line up.

Little G. Weevil (H/UK)

Little G. Weevil, it is Gábor Szűcs, who is regarded by many as the best blues guitarist of Hungarian origin after spending a year and a half in Memphis found his new home in London. During his American voyage he was deeply touched and inspired by the blues’s roots and got blended with the Mississippi Hill Country Blues á la R.L Burnside.

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