Noises From The Neighborhood

filous (AT) DJ set feat Klei (Florence Arman/UK), Lea Santee (AT)

The Austrian Cultural Forum in Budapest opened its doors on October 20, 1977 and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The Forum wants to celebrate its birthday together with its regular partners and audiences. The large-scale jubilee events also includes a birthday party at the A38 Ship, where two well-known contemporary artists of Austrian electronic music will perform: on November 8, SOHN, and on October 20, the 20-year-old producer-genius, filous will give an exclusive club concert.

The 20-year-old Percy in Vienna is just a couple of things to distinguish from its contemporaries: nearly two and a half million YouTube followers on three European levels, and the first EP, Dawn's exemplary digital world, with which iTunes has been featured in nine countries. The producer of the remixes from Vienna's electronic underground was always driven by own curiosity, and was able to achieve the second flowering of Austrian electronics after Parov Stelar, which moved the sensitive-tropical fine electronics to Vienna. Percy has been playing on various instruments since the age of ten, from jazz to fusion progressive rock. For him, 'filous' as an alter ego was a kind of experiment of how he could produce electronic music songs and he did not expect that his YouTube videos would have such a lust will surround you every step and collaborate as viral content from earphones to headphones. A tutorial-video producer quickly fled from the shadow of Flume and ODESZA, though their effects were basically characterized by the atmosphere of the first philosopher's songs, their fine floating and melodic sound. It was enough for Hypemachine to point out Percy of the room makers who have been internationally attracted ever since. With its first Hungarian show, it will celebrate its new EP, For Love, in its own set, thanks to a 40-year Austrian Cultural Forum this year - a philosophical set on the A38 is a must-have experience, as in the club environment it is likely that first and foremost will be one of the most well-known producers of our day.

The program is supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum

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