EDR pres.: Falhaber (T/W/B - NL), 74185# (T/W/B - FR), Gustave (EDR - FR), Lau (Crime)

FALHABER : From Rotterdam, is a young producer and founder of Massacre who’s obsessed with hard pounding sounds and brutal distortions. He delivers an aggressive and powerfull sound with an interesting build up and overwhelming breakdowns to keep the dancefloor going. FALHABER‘s sound is a combination of industrial madness and fast paced old school, which creates aggressive tracks on a high tempo to get going till the morning.

74185# : Founder of T/W/B, 74185# is an access code to a musical concept, unhealthy and violent. Also co-founder of Human Mistake Records, he will transport you through is universe, for the pleasure of music lovers.

▬▬▬ LINE UP ▬▬▬

► Falhaber (T/W/B, NL)

SC : https://soundcloud.com/search?q=Falhaber
FB : www.facebook.com/jfalhaber/
RA : www.residentadvisor.net/dj/falhaber

►74185# (T/W/B, FR)

SC : www.soundcloud.com/tttlyon
FB : www.facebook.com/soixantequatorzemillecentquatrevingtcinq/
RA : www.residentadvisor.net/dj/74185-fr


▬▬▬ ENTRANCE ▬▬▬

Online Tickets : 1500HUF
Tickets at the doors <1AM : 1500HUF
Tickets at the doors >1AM : 2000HUF

▬▬▬ INFOS ▬▬▬

Contact : edr.budapest@gmail.com
Artwork : Good Evening Communication
Booking : RAW Agency

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