Noises From The Neighborhood

Budbudas plays Hajnóczy, Waldeck (A) live

Hungarian expereimental big band playing music by Csaba Hajnóczy along with an Austrian producer’s live band featuring swing on electronics.


Budbudas is an outstanding music experiment initiated by Albert Márkos cellist trained in classical-music and the DJ-doyen Titusz. This production that developed by time into a big band formation can be hardly connected to any other known music. They create unique musical forms using the elements of electronic dance music, contemporary music, improvisation and jazz. Klezmer, hiphop, programmed parts and free-jazz impros melt together in their swing: Budbudas is one of the most progressive representatives of Hungarian music.

Line up
Béla Ágoston: reeds
István Grencsó: saxophone, flute
Róbert Benkó: double bass
MC Busa: MC, text
Albert Márkos: violoncelle
DJ Mango: effects
András Nagy: samples, electronika
Péter Hárságyi: drums
György Jeszenszky: drums
Csaba Hajnóczy: guitar, samples, effects
László Keszég: MC, text
Hans van Vliet: trumpet, trombone
Dávid Szesztay: keyboards

Waldeck (A)

Music that is half experienced and half remembered after waking up from a “Sekundenschlaf” in an airport departure lounge - when human and machine noises come together for one sweet moment in a smoky tapestry of sound.

"You step out of a time traveling device, realizing that due to a machine-failure you have traveled both 50 years backwards, and 50 years forward at the same time," Waldeck explains.

A driving force in his native Austria’s burgeoning electronica scene, Waldeck is a proponent of the Vienna Sound - a smoky, gorgeously eloquent mix of deep-rooted, turbulent beats and soaring, luxurious melodies. Waldeck has produced both albums of Saint Privat who won the Austrian Music Award 2005!

The 3rd Waldeck album "Ballroom Stories" has been released in August in Germany and Austria and has been critically acclaimed. It went straight into the longplay charts.

Ballroom Stories, 2007
The Night Garden, 2001
Balance of the Force, 1998

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