Noises From The Neighborhood

Heaven Street Seven (H), CH.I.P. (H), Fortuna's Favourite (A)

Gyratory guitar-pop, electronic dance music, three great bands on one single night in the hold of the A38 Ship.

Heaven Street Seven

The leading band of "Hungarian brit-pop" was formed back in 1995, and has released its seventh album these days. The HS7, who have gained serious international success, have become with their elegant, excellently instrumentalised, guitar-based songs, outstanding gigs and Krisztián Szűcs’s unique voice the most famous band of our guitar-pop. All this is proved besides their numerous prizes and ritical accalaim by their pretty stable number of fans.

Line up
Krisztián Szűcs: vocals, guitar
zsolt Ábrahám: guitar
Zoltán Takács: keyboards
Róbert Németh: bass guitar
Gyula Orbán: drums

Tick Tock No Fear, 1995
Goal, 1997
Budapest Dolls, 1998
Cukor, 2000
Kisfilmek a nagyvilágból, 2002
Szállj ki és gyalogolj, 2004
Tudom, hogy szeretsz titokban, 2006



The first actual recording of the band “Sufferchild” was chosen to find its way to Budapest 2000, a compilation album to introduce Hungary's next big musical exports (Yonderboi, Marcel).
Nimród Antal, a young director who won The Cannes Youth Award in 2004, shot a great docu-type video for the song in 1999. Unfortunately, most of the Hungarian music television networks refused to play the video because its content. The original version was first presented at 2002s Titanic Film Festival, among the most acclaimed works of Nimród.
In 2005 Challenger In Pieces is voted "The album of the year" by the listeners of Radió Café and Solitaire is landing on the 2nd position on the TOP 100 chart.
In 2006 CH.I.P is nominated for "The best newcomer" award by the Hungarian Association of Record Companies.

Line up
Bence Balázs: vocals, keyboards
Gergő Dolezsai: bass guitar, guitars
András Bodrogi: keyboards, vocals
András Mihály: drums
Krisztián Tóth. guitar

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