Noises From The Neighborhood

DOOL (NL), Harakiri for the Sky (AT)

2017 was for Dutch rock music probably the year of DOOL, as the band founded by members of The Devil's Blood and GOLD with their debute album titled Here Now, Here Then in the less than half a year became the favourite not only for the critics but also the audience. The gothic-octogenous doom melted together with hard rock and psychedelic elements of theirs is a good example proving the fact that the frightening sound evoking the seventies can not be so ultimately captivating only by the Ghost witchcraft.


After the dissolution of The Devil's Blood, the Dutch underground searched for the moonlight of the orchestra for the occult and organically sounding fresh sounds. This is how the A38 Ship was organized earlier in the Gozsdu Manó Club, the death rock / post-punk band, GOLD, and DOLD, which was also a capitalist, could be formed by bass guitarist Job and drummer Micha's joint initiative. However, he could hardly have suspected that such a high visibility would be deserved so fast in the international vintage palette of the female doom. Blood Ceremony, fans of Jess and the Ancient Ones, or Blood Ceremony, have already begun a new favorite at the first video sharing of Prophecy Records, and DOOL's international march has been unbroken since then. The Here Now, Here Then song, released on the German Metal Hammer Awards, combines the hard rock of the seventies and King's X with both progressive and psychedelic traces of the 1970s with The Sisters of Mercy's Gothic Atmosphere and the Occult Doom's Conjecture so that its tone can only be realized in real life. The band's first East-European tour will hit Hungary in the spring of 2018 after the summer festival, and DOOL will host the A38 Ship's Concert Hall on March 12th.

Ryanne van Dorst - vocals, guitar (Elle Bandita)
Nick Polak - guitar (GOLD)
Reiner Vermeulen - guitar
Job van de Zande - bass (ex-The Devil's Blood)
Micha Haring - drums (ex-The Devil's Blood)

Here Now, Here Then (2017)

Harakiri for the Sky (AT)

The DOOL's tour partner is one of the most exciting Austrian bands of the past few years, Harakiri For The Sky, who had twice played at the Dürer Garden. The new black metal band, the post-rock band, the Katatonia claustrophobic mood and the agalloch nature, announces its new album, Arson, in February 2018. At the beginning of November, based on 'Tomb Omnia', it is clear that the new album, which will be presented at A38 Ship in March, will be the oldest, personalized album of the Viennese songwriter so far, confirming that Harakiri For The Sky has found its own self-expression form language.

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