Dool (NL), Harakiri for the Sky (AT)

Dool (NL), Harakiri for the Sky (AT)

Dool (NL), Harakiri for the Sky (AT)
Monday 20:30
Concert Hall

Dool (NL), Harakiri for the Sky (AT)

  • Metal
  • Rock

2017 was for Dutch rock music probably the year of DOOL, as the band founded by members of The Devil's Blood and GOLD with their debute album titled Here Now, Here Then in the less than half a year became the favourite not only for the critics but also the audience. The gothic-octogenous doom melted together with hard rock and psychedelic elements of theirs is a good example proving the fact that the frightening sound evoking the seventies can not be so ultimately captivating only by the Ghost witchcraft.

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