Noises From The Neighborhood

Sofa Surfers (A), Super 700 (D) - " Noises from the neighbour " - Austrian concert series on A38

Sofa Surfers melt together electronic and rock music in a uniquely splendid and pushing way, while Super700 play powerful pop music with lots of indie elements.

Sofa Surfers (AT)

Sofa Surfers have always held balance between hip-hop, dub, and backbeat. Their individual sense of sound and style has always set them apart and helped them stand out. Their choices, from multimedia stage presentations to outlandish fashions have made them a favorite in live performance. Never a group to shy away from conflict, Sofa Surfers are always willing to express their opinion through their music and often build political messages into their tracks, albums and shows. The Sofa Surfers are a dream for those who like their electronica dark, intelligent, European, and firmly rooted in hip-hop.

Formed in Austria in 1996, Sofa Surfers wasted no time in making themselves known. In 1997, they released their first album, Sofa Rockers on Klein Records, to overwhelming interest and enthusiasm. They rode the resulting wave and quickly followed it up with their LP debut, Transit, which was also an instant success. Three years later, Sofa Surfers released their second LP, Cargo. The album proved to be a departure from their earlier sound, yet garnered attention and critical acclaim none the less. In 2001, they released their third LP, Encounters, a hip-hop flavored album that addressed the political intolerance that had been steadily growing in their home country of Austria.

Transit (Klein Records, Universal, 1997)
Cargo (Klein Records/Motor Records, 2000)
Constructions: Sofa Surfers Remixed & Dubbed (Klein Records/Motor Records, 2000)
Encounters (Klein Records/Virgin, 2002)
Sofa Surfers (Klein Records, 2006)

Wolfgang Schögl
Markus Kienzl
Wolfgang Frisch
Michael Holzgruber

Super 700 (GE)

Hailing from Berlin, Super700 are a seven-piece band featuring three vocalists (who are sisters) and four instrumentalists who play engaging but imaginative pop/rock that's literate and willing to nudge the boundaries of contemporary pop. Super700 were formed by Ibadet Ramadani, the eldest sibling in a German-Albanian family who writes the group's lyrics, and Michael Haves, the group's bassist who composes most of the music. Idabet also sings lead, and her sisters Ilirjana Ramadani and Albana Ramadani lend harmonies, while guitarist Johannes Hall, keyboard player Simon Rauterberg, and percussionist Sebastian Schmidt round out the group's lineup. Super700 began playing out in 2003, performing at small clubs in Germany and Switzerland. In 2005, Super700 released their debut EP, When Hare and Fox Had Fun, and later that year the group met producer Gordon Raphael, best known for his work with the Strokes and Regina Spektor. Raphael was impressed with Super700's music and offered to work with the band on its first full-length album. The album, simply called Super700, was released in Europe in the spring of 2006, and a few months later Super700's music was heard in the movie French for Beginners after filmmaker Christian Ditter became a fan of their work. In the spring of 2007, the band made its American debut with a handful of dates in California, including a live broadcast on the influential radio program Morning Becomes Eclectic.

When Hare And Fox Had Fun (Lasso Music) (2005)
Super700 (Motor Music) (2006)
Lovebites (Motor Music) (2009)

Line up:
Ibadet Ramadani vocals
Ilirjana Ramadani vocals
Albana Ramadani vocals
Johannes Saal guitar
Simon Rauterberg keyboards
Michael Haves bass guitar
Sebastian Schmidt percussion

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