Noises From The Neighborhood

Rising Sound serie: Zeni Geva (J), Jakuzi's Attempt (A), Képzelt Város, DJ Case

In our concert-serie titled Rising Sound we introduce some of the most important Japanese music acts. After the first part featuring the excellent concert by Mono now comes one of the most exciting formations on the international noise-metal scene, the Zeni Geva.

Zeni Geva (JP)

ZENI GEVA is a Japanese prog-hardcore band, led by singer and guitarist KK Null, one pioneering group of innovators and legend. ZENI GEVA was founded in Tokyo in 1987 and quickly found a dedicated fan base in the states. Their popularity in the west enabled ZENI GEVA to be one of the first Japanese bands to tour the States with bands like Bastro, Crash Worship, Dazzling Killmen, Don Caballero, Eyehategod, Melvins, Neurosis, Pain Teens, Shellac and more. Steve Albini rates ZENI GEVA as one of his favourite bands. He highlights the band's wide range of influences for keeping the ZENI GEVA sound diverse and challanging. Steve also admires the way ZENI GEVA embrace the Japanese culture in their sound rather than trying to Westernize it. Subsequent tours have comprehensively covered Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, proving a fast emerging worldwide audience. Also ZENI GEVA recorded twice for John Peel Session on BBC. ZENI GEVA has released 12 albums (5 out of them produced by Steve Albini) on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles, Null's self label NUX Organization, Skin Graft, Neurosis' Neurot Recordings and more.

Jakuzi's Attempt (AT)

Jakuzi's Attempt is to create an abstract adventure land within a postmodern capitalist society that has come so far that reality has to be labeled as such. Authenticity in its clear form is seen as provocation.
Described as sick, deranged and even schizophrenic, the bands live performance has to be understood as the exact opposite. Namely the release from social neurosis and the restrictive walls around us. Autobiographically these very issues can without a doubt be located as forcing powers. Moreover irony, an essential conceptual element, appears as a link between the two extremes mentioned above.

"Jakuzi's Attempt can be described as an "aphex infant prodigy" declaiming and screaming that bears resemblance to an opulent baroque austrian monster, tourists could easily confuse with mozart."

Jakuzis Attempt is an open concept, calling on you to be part of it.
The self titled EP has just been (self) released, and represents the bands approach to music, art and communication.

Képzelt Város

The band was formed by four architect students in 2005. There were several changes in the lineup such as an expansion to six members. Their music differs from the usual by the dominant role of the keyboard and the cello. This and the vocals in Hungarian highlight them in the post-rock scene. Floating themes and dashing bursts are both peculiar.

2008's Csend Utca EP represented a direction more likely towards popular alternative rock.
The turning point was the White Noise single in 2009, their first step on a new path that is being followed since then with continuously growing success.

The debut album entitled ’Mit Nekem’ came out on the 13th of November 2009 with support won on the PANKKK tendering organized by the Hungarian Ministry of National Resources. Studio recording and mastering took place at Altrecords and Bakery studios. The album is free to download from the band’s website.
During and after the recording several gigs were held in Hungary and in Austria. In 2010 the band played in Vienna twice accompanying the Austrian Our Ceasing Voice and the French Bye Horus.

In Hungary they played with Anneke van Giersbergen from Netherlands, Jeniferever from Sweden, Zeni Geva from Japan, Constants from the US, Heirs from Australia, Our Ceasing Voice, Bye Horus and to list some Hungarians: Turbo, marionette ID and pozvakowski.

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