Noises From The Neighborhood

Perfect (JAM) live, Iriepathie (A), Kanga Roots (D), Riddim Colony (H), Love Alliance (H)

The excellent Jamaican word-magician Perfect is one of the greatest new stars on the dancehall-scene. He returns to the A38 Ship for the second time to give a bursting concert on a party-night with many guests till dawn.

Perfect (JAM)

Last year’s greatest boom on the dancehall scene was undoubtedly made by Perfect, born Greg Rose. His greatest hit so far, the Hand Cart Boy was an outstanding success, but also many songs from his newly released first album titled Giddimani have become the favoiurite basics of the dancehall-parties.

Perfect is not only perfect by his music means: his religious and political lyrics play a huge role in his popularity. He performed last year in Hungary, and no he will be back on his European album-promotion tour and hit the A38 Ship.

Iriepathie (A)

Kanga Roots (D)

Riddim Colony

Riddim Colony is one of the freshest actors on the Hungarian dancehall-reggae scene formed last year. The ten-member band with three ragga-singers has a growing fan club and recognition. They play mainly own songs in a modern roots reggae and dancehall style.

Love Alliance

Love Alliance – a unity kept together by love. An allience for reggae music, positive thinking, humanity. Love Allience is led by these aims, and they do present them wherever they play their soundsystem of reggae and dancehall music based on original Jamaican patterns.

The beating heart of the Love Alliance is Bosi, who has been devoted for years to promoting reggae. His excellent sets of merry ambients feature classic roots-reggae melting together with  modern dancehall. Its point is anyway: the Carribean feeling and dance.

DJ Bosi: selector
Krama: selector
Biggiebwoy: selector
MC Kemon: rap, vocals, MC

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