Nile (USA), Belphegor (A), Grave (SWE)

Nile (USA), Belphegor (A), Grave (SWE)

Nile (USA), Belphegor (A), Grave (SWE)
Wednesday 18:30

Nile (USA), Belphegor (A), Grave (SWE)

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Three outrageous classics - different in style, same in power - of death-metal on an infernally strong night only for the most devoted and the bravest.

Nile (USA)

Formed in 1993 by Karl Sanders (guitar/vocals), Chief Spires (bass/vocals), and Pete Hammoura (drums), NILE wasted little time combining their interest in Egyptian history, culture and lore with the ferocity of modern death metal. Using a symphonic approach to songwriting and arrangement, NILE unleashed an uncompromising attack that fused unique, technical death metal with organic Middle Eastern tones. Their unique lyrical approach was inspired by Sanders’ interpretation of ancient Egyptian inscriptions, temple carvings, papyri, hieroglyphics and tomb paintings depicting ancient battles, rituals and religious ceremonies.

Each following year brought a new recording, which marked a large step forward in their musical evolution. Things really began to gel in 1996 when, after recording and shopping three new songs, they landed a deal with upstart label Visceral Productions and began recording their debut full-length in addition to adding second guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade.

With the release of Annihilation of the Wicked, NILE has proven themselves peerless in the modern day extreme metal world. Inarguably their strongest and most creative work to date, Annihilation sets the stage for NILE to once again bring their searing live show to stages the world over. The addition of drumming sensation George Kollias to the existing NILE base of Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade strengthens an already stellar lineup of musicians. A pre-release U.S. co-headlining tour with KING DIAMOND will allow fans a glimpse at what Annihilation of the Wicked has in store and the band will remain on the road for the duration of 2005, proving night in and night out that every accolade heaped upon them is more than justified. Prepare.

Line up
Karl Sanders: Guitars, Vocals
Dallas Toler-Wade: Guitars, Vocals
George Kollias: Drums


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