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A38 Sessions @ Dürer Kert: Lo! (AU), Throes (AT), Visioned Frailty

An amazing metal-sludge-hardcore formation arrives from distant Sydney with the help of the A38 Ship to perform at the Dürer Kert venue in Budapest. The concert of this very special heavy kicking formation promises to be one of the most exciting events of this autumn.


Lo! (AUS)

Akin to the way a volcano can lie dormant for years before unexpectedly unleashing it’s mighty wrath on everything within reach, Sydney band Lo! kept a pretty low profile, until their thunderous debut in 2010.

Conceived in 2006 by guitarist Carl Whitbread after the disbanding of his previous band Omerata, Lo! is made up of four “old hands” of the Sydney music scene. Adrian Shapiro on bass, Adrian Griffin on drums and Sam Dillon is the man delivering the militant vocal assault that has heads talking.

Lo! toured Europe in 2013 supporting Swedish band Cult of Luna and Germans The Ocean. They also played slots on the incredible Roadburn in Holland, Asymmetry Festival in Poland and Impetus Festival in France.

In Australia, Lo! have shared the stage with countless amazing local bands across the country and have supported internationals such as Doomriders, Russian Circles, Eyehategod, Burning Love, The Ocean, In Flames, Trivium, Torche, Red Fang, High on Fire and Palm to name some.

Word travels fast, and the band’s cleverly crafted, sludge-inspired metal found it’s way to Germany and into the ears of Pelagic Records owner Robin Staps, who was quick to offer the band a deal. Early reviews coming out of Europe suggest that although Lo! follow bands like Old Man Gloom on their path down the dirt-trail of sludgy, noisy hardcore, the band has their own distinct, and fresh direction.

Throes (AT)

Founded in 2012 the numerous support shows with distinct bands such as CROWBAR, EYEHATEGOD, INTRONAUT, SCALE THE SUMMIT, UFOMAMMUT, LANTLÔS, FALLOCH or VICTOR GRIFFIN´S IN~GRAVED reflect the sound of the Viennese trio: lamenting melodies throne upon grinding tectonics of the riff until a fog of sound and noise covers the swamp of lead and a trombone reminds of the futility of escaping the gravity of existence.

Visioned Frailty

Visioned Frailty was founded by songwriter - guitarist Péter Márton as his own project in january 2010 to be able to achieve his ideas not fitting into his main band's Sunseth Sphere's profile and musicial line. Péter wanted his songs to be finalized with a complete band on his side to be able to perform the songs live as well, so he started looking for suitable musicians. Drummer Máté Farkas was the first the join Péter ans some time later Péter Palotás joined them as a vocalist, finally László Sörös came to fill the role of bassist. We must hereby mention Bertalan Gellérfi who assisted Péter's plans with lyrics for the songs. In the first round Péter wanted to record a Demo with 3 songs, which was completed in june 2011 called Shades of Past. Studioworks were done by Máté Farkas in Farkas-verem studio. Artworks for the cover were made by Szilvia Sárvári and Péter Palotás. A few weeks later Máté left the band becouse of other activities. After a long cast about for a drummer, the post was first filled with István Tóth, later with János Bujdosó. Being complete with him again, the band set about to work in the fall of 2011. Thanks to the serious background - work and continuous rehearsals, the was able to do some gigs from November, and was also ready to record it's EP called Embryo at Bit - Beat King Studio with the aid of Mikk. Cover design were made by Péter Palotás and lyrics are by Bertalan Gellérfi again.

The band spent the ensuing half a year with giving stage shows, but singer Péter Palotás and drummer János Bujdosó left the project at the end of July. While seeking new members, Péter started working on the completion of the first full LP of Visioned Frailty planned for 2013. A few months later the band was complete again, because singer Szabolcs Győrik and drummer Márk Potkovácz joined along. These guys really dig the new album, so they’ve been assisting the project zestfully.

The studio work of the first Visioned Frailty LP started in March 2013. Drums were recorded in cooperation with Péter “Fidó” Friskó at the FHT Studio. The rest of the musical instruments, mix and master were recorded at the Area3X3 Studio in cooperation with Mikk.
The LP titled “I Rise From the Dark Spumes of the Sea” was published by the band on November 10, 2013.

Songwriter: Péter Márton
Lyrics: Bertalan Gellérfi
Cover design: Zee Scham
Band photo: Ildikó Bakurecz
Band members during the studio project: Péter Márton: (songwriter) guitar / László Sörös: bass / Szabolcs Győrik: lead vocal / Potkovácz Márk: drums.
After the studio, the band started a new tour in the company of many acclaimed bands, such as Nervecell (Dub), Dumbell (USA), Grandexit (Swe), Jungle Rot (USA), Sin of God (HU).
In July 2013, lead vocalist Szabolcs Győrik left the band due to his other engagements, so it became urging to find a new lead vocalist again. As a consequence, in October the band regrouped with the demon of Shades of Past, Péter Palotás who already proved his fantastic skills on the band’s Embryo EP.
For the rest of the year the band has also played on Kingdoom of Thunder Snake - Redneck Stoner Doom Circus Show, Rockmaraton Festival, the 10th. Sz. A. R. Festival (Amateur Rock Festival of Szabadszallas), Tatto the Sun Festival and Karock Festival.
In Autumn, 2014, recording for the new Visioned Frailty EP begun and was finished in January, 2015.
Cover design was made by Bertalan Gellérfi and Péter Palotás.
Lyrics were written by Bertalan Gellérfi and photos were taken by András Hege.
As Márk Potkovácz left the project mid-2014, drums have been recorded with the help of Máté Farkas, who has worked with the band in 2011 on the Shades of Past demo and he also helped us to cover some gigs.
While recording the new EP Hands of Doom, a hungarian blog site, chose one of our song, Corridor of Mirrors, to their compilation. The song was refreshed to this compilation with new vocals never heard before.

Shades of Past. / demo 2011.
Embryo. / EP. 2012.
I Rise From The Dark Spumes of The Sea. / LP. 2013.
Hands of Doom Stoner/Sludge/Doom Compilation From Hungary. (Corridor of Mirrors) 2014.
Deception EP. 2015.
Hands of Doom Stoner/Sludge/Doom Compilation From Hungary. (Time) 2015.
Like Gods of The Sun. / Mires of Sorrow: A Tribute to My Dying Bride. 2016.
The Maddened King EP. 2017.

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