Noises From The Neighborhood

"Noises from the Neighbour - Austrian concert series on A38": Karuan (A) live, JSBL (A) live, Dorian Concept (A) live, Cadik, Suhaid - Free entry

In our new concert-serie Noises from the Neighbour we are presenting the latest and most interesting on the Austrian music scene. This night will feature excellent representatives of electronic and funk music, among them the Kurdish-Austrian Karuan, who has already shaken well the Ship with his beats once before. Free entry

Karuan (AT)

Karuan was born in 1976 in Vienna as the son of Kurdish parents. Karuan's love for music arose from the Kurdish singer Sivan Perwer and from the traditional Kurdish celebrations. At the age of six Karuan started to record his singing on music tapes. Ever since that day making music is Karuan's most favourite occupation.
In 1995 Karuan started to work on his own solo projects which were largely inspired by Folk and Black Music. At this time Karuan's music was strictly band-oriented. When Karuan began to arrange his songs on the computer he slowly turned to be an electronic musician.
Today the autodidact Karuan is able to combine and synchronise these various experiences in his own music. The result is an artistic bridge between the oriental culture of his Kurdish family and the European culture in which he lives in.
Since 1999 Karuan is under contract at the label Sunshine in Vienna. His club-oriented debut-single "Karuan.EP" was able to evoke both good temper and attention in the international clubs. A second EP "Walk" followed and actually Karuan's first album "Dohuki Ballet" is available.
The music on "Dohuki Ballet" refers to the kurdish heritage of Karuan. The artist gives the tracks a close personal touch and blends oriental elements with the fruits of our electronic music era. The experience of listening to Karuan's music is described from "romantic" to "melancholic".
The wide sound of the tracks conveys the feeling of a movie soundtrack. The sound of acoustic instruments like oriental flutes, guitars or bass is a very important ingredient of "Dohuki Ballet". This is supplemented by tasteful beats which underlay the melodies. Most tracks on Karuan's album are without vocals. So it was a great challenge for the singer Karuan to make musical instruments to take over that role. This - with the words of Karuan - "voice substitution" is as emotional as a real singing. Unlike many contemporary arrangements in electronic music, many of Karuan's pieces are oriented on the formal structure of the "song".
This adds a compact appearance to Karuan's album "Dohuki Ballet". The special quality of Karuan's album "Dohuki Ballet" comes from the oriental roots of the music as well as from the careful musical dramaturgy, which is combined with remarkable musical themes.
Just recently, Karuan finished remixes for Madrid de los Austrias (Buscando - on SR 049 "This is how we lounge") and Langoth (What a Family - on SR 059).


The abbreviation JSBL is neither a four letter word that can be looked up in dictionaries, nor a secret pin code to a voluminous bank account on the cayman islands. The Jacobs ladder stands for the way up to heaven or the never ending musical development. The religious connotation is spared out here. Its simply the symbolic character of this funky ladder. Speaking of Funk, our ladder is a bit Salty too. Obviously the way up is hard and gets you well sweaty. Bamboozling, because of the bands potential and ability to surprise and reinvent, spontaneously as well as composed.

Jacobs Salty & Bamboozling Ladder are specialists for a certain serious unseriosity, which lets the bands notion of Donald Trump, Micheal Jackson and Brigitte Bardot getting drunk together break through sometimes. What counts is, that JSBLs juicy orange beats, minty green low ends and yummy purple middles provoke a certain spiciness that rushes through the body. This musical output manifests itself in the charming live performances and the future releases at JSBLs home label Affine Records.

Their music features jazz from late 60s to early 70s funk, cluborientated instrumental hiphop stuff, broken beat extravaganza and disco madness featuring their trademark: razor-sharp grooves, tight beats and the special JSBL sound aesthetics

Line up:

Clemens Bacher (drums),

Oliver Johnson (keys and synths),

Paul Movahedi (guitar and samples),

Willi Rosner (fretless bass, low end manipulation)

Dorian Concept Trio (AT)

It´s megalomania meets modesty, creating down toned megalomania. It’s the irritation which causes clarity that evokes further irritation. Here comes the deepness of confuse funk chords, accompanied by a thundering bass cloud. Is it really modesty we are witnessing? But do the modesty, the megalomania and the heavy synthesizer-bass sounds not irritate?

They have a spatial clarity, there to irritate, but not. Should the estranged background voices be a message? No, not primarily. It’s modesty that takes centre stage supported by a straight bass drum and backed by insane jazz lines. This has got to be megalomania. But no, its roots lie in modesty. Although the deep keyboard chords are yet again tell tale signs of megalomania, an obvious sign of modest megalomania.

Do megalomania and modesty not irritate one another? The answer is no, they keep each other in balance. The heavy bass drum in-between the hectic keyboard solos and the dreamy clouds of sound accompanying them represent both modesty and megalomania. So here we go again.

Dorian Concept creates music. Dorian Concept is a modest megalomaniac.


DJ from Budapest who plays records from creepy transylvanian psych to early acid and beyond. His weekly radioshow on legendary ex-pirate station Tilos is praised by stoner hippiess, hip hop heads and the jazz crowd.

Suhaid has already invaded Paris, London, Manchester, Dublin, Brussels, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Poznan, Novi Sad, Bratislava, Timisoara, Petrcane and more. But nevertheless he keeps expansion steady with DJbags full of heavy bangers, unheard of rarities, and music that is yet to be made. He has already shared stage with the likes of Carl Craig, DJ Format, Todd Terje, Henrik Schwarz, David Holmes, Pepe Bradock, Keb Darge, Kenny Dope or Steinski.


Cadik, it is Pál Séfel started scratching once with the Anima Sound System, and has developed since then into one of the leading djs of our country. Jungle, d'n'b, hiphop – he does his best mainly in these tyles, while also B2B joint actions with dj Palotai, the Rewinds and the Sunday Sessions of his bring along wonderful eclectic sets.

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