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Chef's special

If it is difficult for you to choose from the many offers of our menu, we will try to help you by telling which are the greatest favourites of our guests.

Concerning our starters the most popular is definitely the Gambas Pil-Pil (Shrimps in tomato sauce).

How do we prepare it? We put plenty of garlic into hot olive-oil, add peeled tomato cubes and relish it with the secret spices of our kitchen. In the meantime we roast the shrimps, which get into the sauce when ready, after which it is served with a fresh baguette.

Concerning the main courses the greatest favourite is our homemade potato pie filled with veal stew, which is a typically Hungarian dish and quite stodgy.

Among our lady-guests the most loved is the chicken breast 'sous vide' served with porcini tagliatelle.

The most popular finish to a dinner at our’s is the chesse-cake with lime.

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