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Zuboly, Duckshell, Zajnal

Zuboly, Duckshell, Zajnal

Zuboly, Duckshell, Zajnal
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Zuboly, Duckshell, Zajnal

Designer folk, multilingual sunshine punk, agrarian hip hop. These can definitely be expected at the first joint party of the three bands, “on the boat”. It is also conceivable from these three genre definitions that all three bands are characterized by experimentation, a style that transcends genres. For sure, the atmosphere will be hot, even in the cool fall of October, plus it will be the premiere of Zajnal’s new album! Ott tali!


Danube Csángós? Outlaws of the Great Plain? Metropolitan hideouts? Only musicians who prepare for any occasion with something in surprise: Agricultural hip-hop.



Wherever the Duckshell band goes, they will never forget the vow they made at their first rehearsal, which was enshrined in the Basic Law: to party and to party! Since its inception, the band has toured Europe several times, in many cases looking for daily performers from street music, so they could try out in front of German, French or even Spanish audiences. In addition, they have performed in the main clubs of Budapest and in many parts of the country, their performances are always accompanied by loud squeals, sky-high noise, and sweaty, smiling heads.



Although we use folk instruments, everything from classical rock to funky to various electronic trends has influenced us. We play quite eclectic, urban music - designer folk - that can stop during a break in a Moldavian dance house without falling off the stage at a hip-hop concert. We’ve tried it - and we want a lot more.


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