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Dope Calypso "Freshwater album-release", Gustave Tiger

Dope Calypso "Freshwater album-release", Gustave Tiger

Dope Calypso "Freshwater album-release", Gustave Tiger
Saturday 19:30
Concert Hall

Dope Calypso "Freshwater album-release", Gustave Tiger

  • Rock

Dope Calypso’s 5th major album, Tears To Freshwater, with the emperor born of chaos itself, was surrendered by her offspring during her years of pregnancy, but there was an officially recorded miracle (some say it was actually a fate) and the record was released.

Once that has happened, the band tries to reconstruct the impossible and play the songs on the big record, causing them to sweat over their reel-to-reel recorders who have been playing at a quarter of a day for days, tearing alternately while nailing their murky notes with their dehydrated front body parts.

The pope would have secretly come to the country for 3 hours only because of the concert, of course his secretary messed it up when he asked Malbec with his tasty accent to buy an advance ticket i.e. “boleto anticipado”, he meant he wanted to celebrate a congressional mass, i.e. “mass deluce eucarístico ”.

He did so, but no one else has to walk like that, otherwise he has to experience a particularly difficult hour sweating like a naughty horse, repeating Kamu Latin words while drawing rigidly ancient signs with a face devoted to the air.

The Hungarian grandmasters of glazed Latin rhythms, the gustave tiger band, are responsible for heating up the sluggish atmosphere, who will raise the standard of the event beyond the event horizon with their special rumba pumpkin collection made for this event.

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  • Gustave Tiger
  • Dope Calypso
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  • We Are Scientists (US), Gustave Tiger

  • The Picturebooks (D), Terrible Ted, Dope Calypso

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