SunMa (Live Act), USO 9001 (PL)

SunMa (Live Act), USO 9001 (PL)

SunMa (Live Act), USO 9001 (PL)
Saturday 19:30
orr stúdió

SunMa (Live Act), USO 9001 (PL)

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Jazz


SunMa (András Koroknay) is a nomadic sound artist and Bassist, notable for making meditative sonic collages pulsing with earthy basslines. His musicality is deeply rooted in Dub which serves as the basis for forward-thinking approaches resulting in a sound that is vital and distinctive: Dub methodology with cross-genre influences such as spiritual jazz, hip-hop, and electronics, making his projects appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Well-known to his home scene Budapest, he regularly spends time in Berlin to record and play for acts like Àbáse and ZFEX, and India to study Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy. On stage SunMa is joined by Ádám Klausz on drums and András Kálmán on keys forming a power trio setup. Having premiered at Badehaus Berlin in early ’22, he performed on the most important stages of Budapest including House of Music, A38 Ship, opening for Wayne Snow at Turbina, and most recently, Budapest Showcase Hub. His energetic and subtle performance can be easily at home in the club, at festivals, as well as intimate spaces. At the moment SunMa is constantly releasing new material such as the “Fourth Moment” mixtape while working on his next big thing recorded in Berlin’s finest Brewery Studios.


USO 9001

USO9001 is a Polish trio that originated during a casual summer jam, the recording of whichresulted in the creation of the band’s first EP (Unidentified Sonoristic Object). The EP was metwith a warm welcome from the Polish scene during USO’s first tour.

Being called one of the best first impressions on Jazz Jantar in Gdansk, the trio went on to record their first album. The musicians: Milosz Pieczonka (saxophone), Jan Galosz (guitar) and Jan Pieniazek (drums & synth), aren’t picky about inspirations. Mixing influences from Prog Rock, HipHop, Math Rock they create their own version of modern jazz which focuses largely on sound,colour and the process of its creation.


The event was supported by Liveurope.


The venue

orr stúdió