Sturle Dagsland (NO), Kobza Vajk Kvartett, NovaN

Sturle Dagsland (NO), Kobza Vajk Kvartett, NovaN

Sturle Dagsland (NO), Kobza Vajk Kvartett, NovaN
Sunday 19:15
orr stúdió

Sturle Dagsland (NO), Kobza Vajk Kvartett, NovaN

Kobza Vajk Kvartett

  • Jazz
  • World music, Folk

Sturle Dagsland

Sturle Dagsland is a highly acclaimed genre-bending artist from Norway. With a wild and unique performance he captivates the audience and takes the listeners on an adventurous,surreal and beautiful journey. Touring frequently at festivals all across the world, from Shanghai to New York, he creates music with a dark, ethereal and irrefutable intensity thatenchants the audience and leaves no one feeling indifferent.


Kobza Vajk Quartet

This formation is one of the Hungarian ambassadors of oriental ethno-jazz. Their vision is to leave the genre classification behind and raise the music that is born at the moment to a higher level, which is made even more exciting by the unusual instrumentation and the oriental soundscape. In the improvisational "world music" of the quartet, you can find the modal musicality of the Middle East, the freedom of European jazz and the experimental mood of the present. Their performance is a conscious, truly strange journey into the unknown within us!   


"Hypnotic beats, psychedelic atmospheres, on-the-spot improvisation. The elements of acid,techno,psytrance and trip-hop are merged in to a musical journey of deep frequencies. NovaN’s music collides the monotonous, groove-centric vibes of the electronic music scene with the concept of musical spontaneity known from jazz and it’s sub-genres. All bass-lines, beats and atmos created on-the-spot with live-looping, keeping the vibe of the dancefloor in focus. "


The event was supported by Liveurope and Nordic Kulturfond.

The venue

orr stúdió