Fran Palermo, Dennie Wander (UK)

Fran Palermo, Dennie Wander (UK)

Fran Palermo, Dennie Wander (UK)
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

Fran Palermo, Dennie Wander (UK)

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • World music, Folk

The well-loved Fran Palermo formation will once again give a dizzying concert, which continues to advance unbrokenly on the path of the noblest Rock & Roll, Tropical and Indie Rock traditions! Their support will be Denni Wander!

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Fran Palermo

Fran Palermo was formed by the singer-songwriter Henri Gonzo in late 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. The band’s music and style are characterized by different genres, mostly by indie, rock and roll, afro pop and even by mediterranean vibes. The unique and original soundscape requires a bigger band on the stage. The speciality of the band comes not just from mixing different instruments, but from the diverse origin of the members. They have a vivid inherited cultural background such as Cuban, Spanish, Greek and Hungarian. By now Fran Palermo has become one of Budapest’s main concert bands, owning numerous loyal fans. The band released their first EP called ‘Arizona’ at the end of 2011. Their next records, both EPs, are called Museum of Clouds (2012) and Natural Cash (2013). In 2013, Henri Gonzo moved to England for one and a half years, thus during this period the band only gave occasional concerts. After the ‘gap-year’ and a dynamic come back, the band released a new EP called Sun in Splendour, as the herald of the first full length album. In 2015, the first Self Titled album brought a new, tropical jungle-rock sound to the Hungarian music scene. Real recognition and popularity followed the release. Ever since than the band performed at each famous Hungarian music festival and was also finalist in a prestigious song competition. After their performance in the talent show called Nagy-Szín-Pad, where they received the highest votes from the jury, Fran Palermo was chosen the Discovery of the Year at Petőfi Music Awards. 

Only a year after their debut album, in May 2016 they released Razzle Dazzle, which is the band’s most vivid, colorful and diverse album yet and finished on every Hungarian album top list of the year. Fran Palermo is a returning guest to each great festival, such as Sziget Festival,
VOLT Festival, but they also performed at Telekom Electronic Beast Festival and at the Dutch Eurosonic Norderslag Showcase 2017 in Groningen. After touring around Hungary, the band desires to play on European stages.  





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