Private ThoughTS vol.045 – Twins X Cruisin afterparty

Private ThoughTS vol.045 – Twins X Cruisin afterparty

Private ThoughTS vol.045 – Twins X Cruisin afterparty
Saturday 23:30
Concert Hall

Private ThoughTS vol.045 – Twins X Cruisin afterparty

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Everything is good if the ending is good...

Of course, the Ikrek X Cruisin party on the Europa ship does not end now at 10:00 p.m.! The PETER MAKTO ALL NIGHT LONG exclusive 6-hour set has been an indispesable addition to birthday fun for years!

The legendary PRIVÁT GONDOLATOK / PRIVATE THOUGHTS mix series - which became the musical summation of Peter Makto's birthday parties and the trademark of his all-night performances - is unique in the country's music history with its deeper thoughts.

Last year's sold-out exclusive Peter Makto 6-hour set was at least as successful as the daytime march. The spontaneous celebration and joyous music will continue this year on the A38 with the Privát Gondolatot Vol.045 station, which in this form only comes to life once a year.

In this case, the celebrated person goes even deeper into himself and unleashes his inner creative self, becoming one with the audience and the dj desk for 6 hours.

PRIVATE THOUGHTS cannot be compared to any other Peter Makto performance or set. During the long musical construction, the walls between the creator and the audience come down. We gain an honest insight into the wanderings of a creative mind and a complicated soul, every moment of which is presented through the speakers with a musical representation imbued with real emotions.

Analyzing the events of the past year, this year we will also have plenty of performances from all genres, old legendary music cannot be left out, and there will definitely be more Organic, Deep and Progressive House in the program, authentically following the musical evolution of Peter Makto! All this told in a story that spanned the whole night.

The birthday parties of the former Dandy, and later of Peter Makto / Night of the Twins, have been resounding with full houses without exception for 19 years! Our daytime party will also be SOLD OUT in record time and there is a chance that this party will soon be sold out. We recommend that you secure your place on the dance floor in time!

We are preparing another once-in-a-lifetime experience, in which, in addition to the music, DIGITALISTIK VISUAL's shape-shifting and mind-blowing all-night show will play a decisive role!

This is the event that gives an opportunity to those who missed the daytime boat party or can only join in the evening, and which preserves the tradition of Gemini, where the birthday person summarizes the years in a longer set or just the eventful stories of the past 365 days.

START: 23:30 - so after the Cruisin X Ikrek Daytime Boat Party you will have the opportunity to rest, eat and change your clothes.

See you on June 3rd!

Line up:

Peter Makto all night long / all boat long


Early bird: HUF 3,000

Advance purchase I.: HUF 3,500

Advance purchase II.: HUF 4,000

Advance purchase III.: HUF 4,500

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