The Sharonz, Estendon (SK)

The Sharonz, Estendon (SK)

The Sharonz, Estendon (SK)
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The Sharonz, Estendon (SK)

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The Sharonz

The band Sharonz appeared on the map of Hungarian popular music in June 2017, when their song Eden to East was released and their debut concert was held at the Darshan Udvar in Budapest. After that, their first single was released in the summer of 2018, which was titled Te meg én.

After the release of the record, they didn't have to wait long for their first major professional recognition, since in the fall of 2018 they won the Starting Artist Support of the Recording Program of the National Cultural Fund. With the help of the program, they made their LP Illusion, which was released on October 1, 2019. The first single of the record is the song "Vadvirág", the music video of which brought outstanding views for the band.

The band has performed numerous times in Budapest (A38, Gödör) and in the countryside, both in "loud" and acoustic form. They performed at well-known domestic festivals such as Fishing on Orfű, Mövésztek Völgye, Tiszavirág Festival in Szolnok, Kolor Festival, Hírös 7 Festival and several city events and village days.

The band took advantage of the opportunities in 2020 as well. Three of their songs were released, two of which are in constant rotation on Gong Rádio in Kecskemét and Beat online radio, and a session video was shot to make up for the missed concerts.

Their second LP entitled Szép más világ was released in autumn 2021. The album's title track and their song Utolsó eksi dal were included in Petőfi Rádió, Beat! and also in the Gong Radio playlist.

The band entered the top forty productions of A Dal 2022 with their song Szép más világ. They were invited to appear on Petőfi TV's Én vyák Te show, where they had to cover Nemazalány and Szofi's hit song - Empty Hearts, which they did with great success.

The band celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2022, and to celebrate this, they released their single Dilemma in October and held a sold-out birthday concert in Budapest.

Sharonz is currently working on their third LP, which will be available to the public in the fall of 2023.


Estendøn (SK)

The band was founded in the fall of 2015 in Farnad. Since then, the members have been trying to make their different music world, so their music is difficult to characterize with only one musical style or genre. Their compositions reveal various musical traditions, ranging from folk motifs to funk moods to rocky riffs.

Line up
Bánovski Richárd - guitar
Kaszmán-Saróka Liliána - voice
Nagy Csomor András - violin
Recska Roman - guitar
Saróka Vajk Attila - bass guitar
Smid Ádám - drums
Szebellai Dániel - clarinet, saxophone



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  • Estendøn (SK), Gorlo Volka (SK)


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