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Artem Pivovarov is a progressive Ukrainian artist, sound producer, musician with a non-standard and modern point of view. His songs instantly become hits and score a high chart ranking.

Yuna Awards winner in categories «The best male artist» and «Hit of the year».

Artem Pivovarov is definitely one of the trendsetters in music industry. He is talented and unique. And he clearly understands what message he wants to send to the masses.

Pivovarov has released 4 solo albums, tens of singles and many visualizations of it. The number of music collaborations in artist’s arsenal can surprise the most experienced music critics. Among his popular songs are «Déjà vu», «Rendezvous», «Mirage», «Home», «Gather Me», «Oxygen», «My Night», «No.1».

Artem Pivovarov is the author of the cultural project «Your verses, my notes», whose main goal is to popularize Ukrainian culture through the prism of music. Pivovarov Production gives a new breath to the legacy of Ukrainian literature.


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