Birthday concert of Csillag Endre "Csuka" and Mirkovics Gábor "Zserbó"

Birthday concert of Csillag Endre "Csuka" and Mirkovics Gábor "Zserbó"

Birthday concert of Csillag Endre "Csuka" and Mirkovics Gábor "Zserbó"
Sunday 19:30
Concert Hall

Birthday concert of Csillag Endre "Csuka" and Mirkovics Gábor "Zserbó"

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On September 25, 2022, Endre Csillag ‘Csuka’ and Gábor Mirkovics ‘Zserbó’ will give a birthday party together on the A38. At the joint oeuvre concert called Csuka 65 / Zserbó 60, he selects the most successful and exciting songs from the work of the authors and performers of the two good friends. The main band of the evening is the Closed Class, but for this special occasion the Hard / Sword is composed in an original line-up, and with the participation of several guests they recall the biggest hits of Edda in the 80's, as well as some songs from Fix, Bikini, RockBand and Hammer solo. will also sound.

The Záértosztály will be staged in the following line-up:

Zoltán Kiss (vocals), Endre Csillag ‘Csuka’ (guitar), Gábor Mirkovics ‘Zserbó’ (bass guitar), Tibor Donászy (drums), and Zsigmond Lázár (keyboards)

Invited guests:

Zsolt Borbély (Nox, ex-Hard / Sword, ex-Rock Band), László Fortuna 'Tüsi' (Music Machine, ex-Edda), József Kalapács, Ildikó Keresztes, János Nyemcsók (Pyramid, ex-Fix), Németh Alajos 'Lojzi' (Bikini), Péter Schrott (Continoom, Blood of Vazul), Péter Sipos (Irigy Hirnaljmirigy, Triassic), Dániel Szebényi (ex-Hard / Sword), Zsolt Vámos (ex-Mobile Film, ex-Hard / Sword, ex -Rock Band, ex-Marathon), András Zeffer (Mobile Film, RockBand, ex-P.Mobil), László Zselencz 'Zsöci' (Dynamite, ex-Edda, ex-Beatrice, ex-P.Box)

Zerbo's invitation:

“On behalf of myself and Pike, I can say that we are very much preparing for this anniversary party. It will be a very special show in which we play songs from the work of both of us. Looking back, and as we put together the show, we are delighted with how many valuable things we have brought together over our careers so far. I am especially pleased that the very popular Hard songs are playing again. It’s actually hard to put together a show to make everything small. As I listen to the songs, I would love to play almost all of them, without exception. Somehow we cut it out so that every era is touched a little bit. The Closed Class with Kiss Zoli and Tibász Donászy is in great shape again. We are terribly happy that we can finally play in a worthy place, as part of a big party, after a long break in Budapest. As described in the brochure, everything will be here! It is a great honor for really serious guests to brighten up the evening. We put the event on a direct Sunday so that those we invited could come. I feel like it’s going to be a must-see party for any rock music lover. The biggest gift for me and Csuka is to have as many people as possible come to this unusual concert. Take medication !!! On September 25th we are waiting for all ‘Crazy’ to have a truly one-time and unrepeatable treatment !!! ”

Csuka 65 / Zserbó 60 • Budapest • A38 ship

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