Nouvelle Vague (FR), Black Lilys (FR), 'Kill The Pain - Melanie Pain and Phoebe Killdeer Selectors set

Nouvelle Vague (FR), Black Lilys (FR), 'Kill The Pain - Melanie Pain and Phoebe Killdeer Selectors set

Nouvelle Vague (FR), Black Lilys (FR), 'Kill The Pain - Melanie Pain and Phoebe Killdeer Selectors set
Wednesday 19:00
Concert Hall

Nouvelle Vague (FR), Black Lilys (FR), 'Kill The Pain - Melanie Pain and Phoebe Killdeer Selectors set

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One of our definite favorites Nouvelle Vague performing new wave hits as chansons, bossa novas and beyond returns this time to compile a grand festive set based on some of the coolest songs on their first two albums. The concert will be followed by a brilliant dj set of its beatiful ladies!


Nouvelle Vague (FR)

It was in 2004, at the height of the French Touch, that the Parisian collective, led by Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, released its first album, taking its original concept worldwide: New Wave = Wave Bossa Nova = Nouvelle Vague. Punk and New Wave "standards" are thus reinterpreted in the dreamy style of 50s and 60s Bossa Nova, with its lush arrangements and entrancing vocals. Nouvelle Vague soon became a global phenomenon. In just a few months, Nouvelle Vague deconstructed the notion of "the cover band" and, supported by some of the most prestigious labels (Peacefrog, Luaka Bop, Rough Trade, Pias), delights an audience that almost forgets the original versions.  Alongside singers Camille and Mélanie Pain, Olivier Libaux and Marc Collin create their first live show: a minimal show, with just two unique voices a guitar, a few keyboards and electronic ambience. Triumphant world tours would follow. 2019… 2022 With five studio albums and extensive global tours under its belt, Nouvelle Vague now celebrates its fifteenth anniversary, hiatus of a few years due to world situation we are now in 2022! In 2018, Nouvelle Vague's live production found the band returning to its roots: acoustic guitar, a few keyboards, a smattering of ambience, and two singers (Mélanie Pain, Elodie Frégé and/or Phoebe Killdeer). With the recent passing of founder Olivier Libaux, the show has once again been revamped to play on well into their 20th anniversary, if not longer… "Out of this world ", " Hauntingly beautiful ", "Best show ever” 2019 also saw the release of the Nouvelle Vague By Nouvelle Vague documentary, which recounts the band singular history, as well as two new studio albums. … LATEST RELEASES: "Rarities" (rare and bonus tracks) and "Curiosities". Available as limited vinyl editions. Private link “NOUVELLE VAGUE by Nouvelle Vague” : RARITIES Digital & Limited 12” vinyl edition 10 tracks The "Rarities" album is made up of bonuses and B-sides released on special editions, compilations, 45s and other physical media over the course of these fifteen years, but long out of print. CURIOSITIES Limited 12" edition only 10 tracks In response to the 2004 debut album, which became an instant classic, Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux experimented with various musical paths. Many songs are thus recorded. The songs that are relevant to each album's theme are released.  But many covers would remain under wraps, while others, although ready for release, were relegated to the vaults. These previously-unreleased recordings are featured on "Curiosities". 2004 - 2022 For the last eighteen years, Nouvelle Vague has been resuscitating, sometimes introducing, dozens of songs from the New Wave and Punk repertoires – some quite well known, others almost forgotten.  But the story is far from over… "We’re on a Road To Nowhere, Come on inside”. (David Byrne)





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