Pesti Estek: Yo La Tengo (US)

Pesti Estek: Yo La Tengo (US)

Pesti Estek: Yo La Tengo (US)
Sunday 20:00
Concert Hall

Pesti Estek: Yo La Tengo (US)

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For the first time in Budapest the American band which has repeatedly toured the world, wrote music for the Simpsons series and played the role of the Velvet Underground in "I shot Andy Warhol". film. For nearly 30 years, Yo La Tengo has been active for the first time in Budapest on the A38 Ship!

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Yo La Tengo (US)

The band has been on tour for the first time since the release of their 2015 album, and next spring Budapest is also amongst their stations. Since their 1986 debut album, Yao La Tengo, leader of Ira Kaplan-George Hubley, is one of the great classics of the indie rock scene. They've always been interested in the sincere musical expression of the top-listers, and with that they have put themselves in the hearts of the fans: from the restrained guitars to the earliest pop, the styles are on a wide scale and all 14 of their albums carry something new and unique.


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