The Rasmus (FI) "Dark Matters Tour,, The Shiver (IT)

The Rasmus (FI) "Dark Matters Tour,, The Shiver (IT)

The Rasmus (FI) "Dark Matters Tour,, The Shiver (IT)
Thursday 19:15
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The Rasmus (FI) "Dark Matters Tour,, The Shiver (IT)

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Yes, there is life after In the Shadows - in the early 2000s The Rasmus attracted millions of young girls and after their performance on the Main Stage of Sziget Festival and several club gigs they'll hit the A38 Ship in Budapest next October 2018! In addition, the role of the party will not be nostalgic: their latest Dark Matters album was released in October 2017 that they promote on a multi-continental tour. They'll come back to Hungary six years after their last concert in Club 202 and its going to be huge.


The Rasmus (FI)

Since their iconic song, released in 2003, they did not have the same success as the In the Shadows march would be impossible to shoot. Radios have been rocky in almost every country in the world, and many stations are still sounding today. Of course, the song and band's success also contributed to the fact that Lauri Ylönen was singing in the hearts of teenagers - for example, domestic fans could often see his face in the Bravo or Popcorn magazines.

Of course, they did not fall behind the "shadow song": since 2003, four of their albums and a best of their albums have been released, their latest release being Dark Matters, released in the fall of 2017. Five years after their latest album, 'The Rasmus' 2012, they continue the style that has brought them to world renown: they write radio-friendly pop music on rock-metal songs built on their own Scandinavian melancholy. In their new album, the world of Maroon5 and Ed Sheeran also appears, but do not be afraid of a rocker either: the black-and-rock-style mood remains, and Dark Matters does not want to crush.

The new album was born after a five-year break: in 2012, the band decided to move in the background, after which Ylönen moved to Los Angeles. It seems that this is what Rasmus needs to do: the impact of California has inspired more new songs on the new album to prove that they still have the energy of In the Shadows.


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