Üllői Úti Fá:k and Kinopuskin 30th Birthday

Great stars of the Hungarian underground scene will come together to smash with their honest and kicking power and to show what love and rebellion is about on a nice jubilee.

Üllői Úti Fá:k

Definitely not saying: The Dinosaurs of the Alter Rock celebrate their 30th birthday on February 22, 2018. The fourth X will only enter at the end of the year.

In May last year, their sixth album was released by MASTERS, the impetus compared to their single cassette released twenty-five years ago, which has not changed. The mood is the same: from pronounced and unspeakable pub wisdom to spiritual self-deception, to untold truth, a variety of mixes. Music is always like lyrics, this is the secret of the versatility of the band. The band also comes to stage with the contemporary Kinopuskin birthday. At the concert of the Fuck, the protagonists of this famous anniversary are mainly old songs, songs from their songs, Some and Fekszik. The band's big cast of this year will also be available for their own 2018 calendar.


"You do not have to bother, it's the same, old movies - they already have their own voice - sprawling and shaping gipsy slashes and troubled pseudo-funk strokes, chickens, bass basses ... song lyrics are viable mindsets, associations, dissociations, enhancement, downsizing, chords on a bunch. "ener / Wanted

In detail:
Some time at the end of 1987, at the far-off Balassagyarmat: chemistry was just like this, so K! NOPUSK! N became a vernacular dance band. The prophets of the little town feeling in 1988 defeated him in the grip of galaxies, gesamtkunstwerk and crossover in two Barkas belts. With their hyper-speed, they take up their first album MATINÉ, which for a long time is the only independent release of domestic vinyl, in fact! among the 77 Hungarian soundtracks that appeared in 1990, the top critics of the Pest show are the 10th best. Between 1992, the band is already playing underground music based on fusion jazzrock. The production of this era is the second music venue of AHA OE FEII. In 1994, in the arena of the road to world news, surviving the temptations of the Mikhamo era, the third album CINEMA VENDETTA appeared. In the summer of 1995, the band has been kidnapped twice, but the silent maze in the silent ropes is vital for the funky palos, and in 1998 they released their fourth, guaranteed e-free disc with ASZPIK. The team, of course, is constantly experimenting with the hallos of the loving audience (Tilos from Á to Sziget, but in Portugal as well as in Upper Austria). Their twentieth birthday is celebrated with the release of a book titled dvd with a FUCKING CIRCLE. Today's or former members of the orchestra are not only the outspoken flames of domestic underground culture, but ultimately all take their place in the less mystical, but more practical spheres of mainstream publicity. This evening, besides the renowned Csabradorok (music, text), livermusic (bass) and zorghalti (drums), renown Rédei (vocals) and Péter Ember (trumpet, keyboards) are invited to the esteemed audience that Palócán's funk intervention In honor of the jubilee, the ever-green tapestries of the Ipoly-depression of the '90s were faithfully revived. In memory of El Kazovskij!

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