The Grenma + guest

The Grenma + guest

The Grenma + guest
Friday 20:00
Concert Hall

The Grenma + guest

  • Punk

Powerful, ruthless, beautiful and rebelling young punk gods, the counts of the Budapest scene on a great night for pogo and party with The Grenma and their mates.

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The Grenma

‘Softcore Punk since 2004’ is how they describe themselves. An explosive high octane cacophony of brain embedding crunching riffs and sing-along choruses driven along by monster beats and clever bass lines gives a better description to all that is The Grenma.

You can feel the roots of west coast punk pop intertwined with a harder rock sound as singer/guitarist Csongor Szalay rips into runaway tunes with only momentary respite provided by drummer Matyi Botlik pace changing tub thumping. Dóra Arany wields her bass guitar like a weapon of mass destruction yet delicately cajoles the chords and notes out through her amplifier, providing the stitching to the seams that hold it all together.

Listening to their two albums you can follow their personal journey of growing up and finding out that all is not right with the world, just as the music matures through this process too. Snippets of new material are simply mind blowing and there are no boundaries to what this trio can achieve as they skyrocket upwards to greater things.

Not unnoticed in the national media, the last couple of years have seen nominations and subsequently crowning at the Bravo Otto music awards, an amazing breakthrough in the bright and shiny packaged music industry full of fake and bland contemporaries, where staying true to their beliefs and not selling out has resulted in ever growing masses at their live performances. With a devoted fanbase fast becoming the breeding ground for the next generation of musicians, just as Csongi, Dóri and Matyi themselves were once seeds planted by their musical forefathers, the band are the lifeblood of what your kids will be listening to.

But before we talk about legacies here, the hard work that has got them this far is evident in the endless list of live appearances across the country and the step to now becoming a much sought after festival band, with appearances at all the main festivals in Hungary planned for 2010. Not everyone has got 12,000ft in their pocket to pop along to their local festival this summer to find out for themselves. Luckily for everyone, you can see them on the A38 ship in Budapest on July 10th for a crazy low ticket price of 500ft which you can then redeem at the bar. You would have to be nuts to miss this opportunity!

So if you aren’t dead inside from the brain-washing of endless dreary songs rolled out by manipulated, airbrushed and over produced puppets...err I mean ‘artists’, then there is still hope for you! Don’t just take my word for it though, download their second album (for free!!) from the band’s website and turn it up to a level that would annoy your neighbours, but don’t be surprised when they come knocking at your door, it won’t be to tell you to turn it down, but to ask you who you are listening to...Welcome to my world!


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