The Curious Kind, Siamese Elephants (AT)

The Curious Kind, Siamese Elephants (AT)

The Curious Kind, Siamese Elephants (AT)
Saturday 19:30
orr stúdió

The Curious Kind, Siamese Elephants (AT)

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  • Rock

The Curious Kind

"We are curious. Kind? Somewhat."

The Curious Kind is a melodic prog-rock band with a keen eye for catchy hooks among unusual rhythms and soundscapes. Treat your ears to some epic highs and somber lows, hopeful wishes mixed with snarling examinations of humanity, society and ourselves.

TCK’s songs have a unique atmosphere with symbolic lyrics, a visceral, elegant tone with a focus on complex but catchy melodies.

Siamese Elephants (AT)

Having grown up with the indie-rock revival of the 2000’s, SIAMESE ELEPHANTS wants to bring it back again – and catapult it into the future with disco funkiness and catchy pop melodies. Their debut EP About Astronauts reflected the youthful euphoria of the Vienna indie-rock band in its founding phase, when the boys had just finished school and were playing their first concerts, while already foreshadowing a more mature sound marked by considered songwriting, multi-faceted arrangements and a signature pop sensibility.

If the EP was a statement of purpose, their 2o21 album What Happened at the Social Club? was the full realization of their indie-vidual concept. Their debut album portrays the search for utopia in a jungle of contemporary youth phenomena – social media self-staging (Social Club, Video Chat, FOMO (Fishbowl), pseudo-individuality (Few Problems), and media oversaturation (Coca Cola Punk). The band confronts contemporary issues with earnestness and catchy riffs – euphoria and melancholy, together at last.

Concert realized with the help of the LivEurope.

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