Francophone festival: Marge, Cleo T (FR), X.U.L. (SI)

Francophone festival: Marge, Cleo T (FR), X.U.L. (SI)

Francophone festival: Marge, Cleo T (FR), X.U.L. (SI)
Sunday 19:00
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Francophone festival: Marge, Cleo T (FR), X.U.L. (SI)

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Singer songwriter, her first album titled AND was released in 2010. Since then, she has released two singles and two LPs. She worked with Monkeyneck, Fehérholló, Hundredsins, Filo, Doór, among others. Her next album is expected soon, and songs from it are constantly appearing, the latest "December" was also included in Spotify's Equal Global list. On her upcoming album, she tries to gather the experiences of survivors of mental illness and mental abuse into a bouquet and install them with her songs.

She always writes her songs very honestly, in which she deals with social issues in addition to her personal life, breaking taboos. In her acoustic show, she is accompanied by EMIL WAGNER on guitar and piano. At the concert on March 10, she will also sing songs from the forthcoming album.

Cleo T - 'Shine' (FR)


After a record with John Parish ( PJ HARVEY) and multiple shows in Europe and abroad , including major events like great Escape, SXSW or Solidays, Cleo T. presents her 3rd record produced by americano-icelandic musician Alex Somers, know for his work with Sigur Ros, Jonsi or Julianna Barwick.

The album is a dreamlike soundplays that mixes classical instruments and etheral vocals in a dark cinematic atmosphere. The soprano songstress dialogs with the piano, in a ultra- reverberated space. A spiritual journey where songs become poetry, where music turns into an immersive universe of textures.

The solo piano show brings forward the album onto a deeply sensitive experience where only emotions can lead us to beauty.

The Piano Solo concert is conceived as an intimate conversation. The audience enters an immersive sound bath. Layers of ethereal vocals and live-looping pianos set a dreamy atmosphere, while Cleo tells the poetic narration behind her music work.

She’ll speak of the forest and the search of Beauty, and questions the complicated position of women in art, and especially poetry. Intimate and interactive, the performance adapts to the language and culture of the city where the show is presented. French, italian, english and sometimes german, the languages of Dante and Rimbaud converge into one unique voice of emotion.

On March 10, Cleo T. will come to the A38 Ship with her dreamlike sound, in which classical instruments are mixed with ethereal vocals in a dark cinematic atmosphere. The voice of the soprano singer and the melodies of the piano together form a hypnotic unity. A spiritual journey where songs become poetry and where music transforms into an immersive universe of textures.

The solo piano show invites you to a deeply sensitive experience, where emotions lead you to true beauty

X.U.L. (SI)

X.U.L is a project by musician and composer Gašper Selko. Through the music he creates, we can perceive and hear sound patterns, elements and textures, ranging from contemporary classical music all the way to improvised electronic music. In the melodies and notes that at times remain in time and space, the eclectic musical expression develops, builds and collapses. X.U.L in his atmosphere and many repetitive patterns leaves questions and answers for every listener who dares to indulge in his musical idea. With the release of his first album ''VOID – A Story about a Man'' (2019) and second ''A Guide for Lost Travellers'' (2021) he also began collaboration with an Icelandic musician and producer Frosti Jonssøn. Their collaborative effort leads to the release of ''tengsl'' (2022, Möller Records). Tengsl creates an ethereal, hypnotizing vibe thanks to the repetitive minimalistic patterns and offers us a sonically soothing experience.

Concert realized with the help of the LivEurope.

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