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Superorganism (UK)

Superorganism (UK)

Superorganism (UK)
Sunday 20:00
Concert Hall

Superorganism (UK)

  • Pop

Merry pop art theatre created by people coming from more continents built into a surrealist pop art show featuring rocket dolphins, animated cat-heads and flying statues of liberty into a merry multimedia show that'll make you laugh and dance!


Superorganism (UK)

A Transatlantic group, who feature Maine, NewEngland-based, Japanese vocalistOronoand a sprawling line upof international musicians / pop culture junkies currentlyliving all under one roof in London’s east end. The band first introduced themselves at the start of 2017 with the idiosyncratic,technicolour pop of ’Something For Your M.I.N.D’. The track burned brightly,causing ahuge stir online and across the airwaves (including plays by bothFrank Ocean and Ezra Koenig on their radio shows) shorty afterwards, It’s All Good”and “Nobody Cares” appeared... both intoxicating curveballs andundeniably worthy follow up to theirfizzing debut.Since then, they’ve been on a runawaytrain of success following their internet enigma, their sold out debut shows around the globe,their TV performances on Jools Holland, their BBC Sound of 2018 and VEVO DSCVRlonglistposition - and now their spectacularly confident, world-building debut album is ready to for release on March 2nd (through Domino Records)


  • Superorganism (UK)

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