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We DAAD Budapest - Roman Flügel, Crimson vs Imre Kiss, Tsu

We DAAD Budapest - Roman Flügel, Crimson vs Imre Kiss, Tsu

We DAAD Budapest - Roman Flügel, Crimson vs Imre Kiss, Tsu
Friday 23:30
Concert Hall

We DAAD Budapest - Roman Flügel, Crimson vs Imre Kiss, Tsu

  • Electronic

We can’t go back to this summer’s Dadpuszta, but we can try and reawaken some of our favorite Dome moments together with this musical delicacy and in your much-much missed company!


Discussing the contemporary electronic music scene in Germany without mentioning Flügel's contribution would be near impossible. In 1993, alongside production cohort Jörn Wuttke (with whom Flügel collaborated with on many projects, having hit records as Alter Ego, Holy Garage and more), he established the labels Ongaku, Klang Elektronik as well as Playhouse, a now legendary imprint that released iconic records by Isolée, Ricardo Villalobos and LoSoul. It essentially set a new cultural marker for European house and techno.

Described as a non-conformist by the press, and likened to-a chameleon by fellow musical peer and Running Back label owner Gerd Janson, Flügel's approach to music is hard to pin-down – a fact he takes great pleasure in. “I enjoy the surprise”, Flügel says about his DJing, “that’s why it’s difficult to describe what I do”. As a DJ rooted in the broad tradition of house and techno, his sets vary between location, crowd and time; change being his only constant. He is a DJ, live performer, producer, remixer and label owner. A chameleon with a broad pallete of colours, if you will.
As a producer, Flügel has employed many aliases and orchestrated a wealth of successful collaborations. Brandishing a varied and expressive discography, he has developed long-standing relationships with some of the most respected labels and artists in electronic music.


On top of this extensive body of work, he is also a prolific remixer, lending his ear to many of his beloved peers. This has seen him work in recent years with artists including Daniel Avery, Tuff City Kids, DJ Tennis, Sven Väth, DJ Hell and C.A.R to name a very select few.


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