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 Elefánt, Kytaro

Elefánt, Kytaro

 Elefánt, Kytaro
Saturday 19:30
Concert Hall

Elefánt, Kytaro

  • Pop
  • Rock

One of the most popular bands in the capital, Elefánt, will return to the A38 Ship with a large-scale double concert in the company of excellent guest bands.


The Elephant's music is one that we cry and laugh at once, cuddle and roar, then dive into the lyrics. Life-enhancing melancholy. More and more people are discovering this feeling, as the band is a constant performer at festivals and clubs, in whatever environment it enchants and makes old and new fans dance. Their songs carry a unique atmosphere that is truly unique with their creative music and special lyrics.

The founding members of the band, Csaba Szendri and Andrs Tth, have been playing together in Szombathely since their childhood, and have teamed up with keyboardist Zoltn Kovcs, bassist Bence Ede Horvth and drummer Szabolcs Nmeth for the 2012 premiere of the Kodly Method. Their first album, Blood Circulation, was introduced as a stable fan camp in 2013, and since then the team has evolved into a creative community that is constantly looking for creative ways and opportunities for renewal. They were also quickly picked up by the music industry and selected for the first season of the Great Color Pad. Their second album, Gomoly, has kept Deezer on the domestic list for 10 days. The song "Bordahajtogat" on the album was chosen by the creators as the opening clip of the Balaton Method, a cinematic film about the Hungarian alternative music scene. The band, which specializes in special features, produced a community video for Sixteen with fans, and Alice, who first appeared on the album, was nominated for a Phonogram. Their third album, Everything, released in the spring of 2017, had a double album release on the A38 Ship, as the first night, all the tickets were chased by fans. This album was also released in an unusual way: each song had its own unique graphic lyric video. In 2019, their fourth record label EL was released.

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