Richard Zalai, Museless (CAT/ES)

Richard Zalai, Museless (CAT/ES)

Richard Zalai, Museless (CAT/ES)
Saturday 20:30
orr stúdió

Richard Zalai, Museless (CAT/ES)

  • Electronic


Richard Balazs Zalai is a Hungarian musician, producer based in Budapest, Hungary.

He is the master of creating chilling atmospheric moods.
As a multiinstrumentalist, he effortlessly steers between complex sounds. Mostly building on downtempo, ambient and modern classical cores, he invites the listener to an inner travel.

According to the top music blog in Hungary: “ Richard uses a plethora of harmonies and instruments to create a complex musical phenomenon, like the rainbow in the nature.”
His eclectic music taste allows him to create vast textural soundscapes that combines vintage elements and modern impressions.
His goal is very simple: make you have an eargasm.
First EP was released in 2021 by the british label called nieko.


To talk about Museless is talking about a reality in the electronic scene of Barcelona. With performances at big festivals such as Primavera Sound, Sonar or VIDA Festival, as well as international ones such as the American SXSW, the Dutch Eurosonic, the French MaMa, the Italian Arezzo Waves or the English Focus Wales, Museless presents a really powerful performance in every stage she steps in. With a first EP called “Gray Boy” (2016), a first album called “Dichotomic History” (Luup Records, 2017) and her latest record "Synthesis de Novo II", Museless managed to position itself in a demanding scene. Now, she comes back with a new album "Synthesis of Novo II" to prove that her universe has no ending as it keeps expanding and drawing new landscapes.


The event is realized with the support of Liveurope.

A Liveurope concert: the first pan-European initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote emerging European artists. Liveurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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