Lick The Click! Summer opening

Lick The Click! Summer opening

 Lick The Click! Summer opening
Saturday 16:00

Lick The Click! Summer opening

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Dear Lick The Click and Sunburst Friends!

It was probably not up to you that we will arrive slower this year with the first login of the season. There is no reason to worry, we are fine and we are looking forward to this year's start. However, in recent weeks, time -consuming decisions have been made about our future, which have resulted in marked changes. The most important news is that in the coming months we will find much less frequently on the ship. During the summer, we will gather at about a month on the two terraces and wait with our guests. Why did we decide like this?

Let's put the needle back to the beginning of the album for a moment: in 2011, on a Saturday afternoon in June, we put the first disk in the sun and the daytime party culture on the A38 terrace. A lot of water has flowed on the Danube since then, with a lot of variables in thirteen seasons, we went to the terrace week after week with unbroken enthusiasm. In fact, every year, the desire for the terrace broke out earlier and earlier. The thing is, this is no different today, but we felt that we would like to be present on other energies and moods on the Daytime Party color space in the meantime.

So on the A38 nose, the original Lick the Click! Vibration gets the lead role and only LTC in its name! It will indicate the boat events for us. In particular, this is a promise of selection that is colorful, deeper, braver, sometimes allowing radical pulls, which we want to redeem for the first time on Saturday, April 27, on Saturday, April 27. It is a serious guarantee that this time we are back in the trio, on the side of our chromium barn, and we will have more companions on the roof terrace, the room studio pair, Li and Baco, and our eternal favorite, Zvezda Beta.

Anyone who fell in love with Vike and Maron's sets last year does not have to miss them this year: even if the girls are not on board, but the Sunburg concept will continue in a new environment, but a little later.


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