The 02s, Neon Leon (US)

The 02s, Neon Leon (US)

The 02s, Neon Leon (US)
Sunday 19:00

The 02s, Neon Leon (US)

  • Pop
  • Rock

We are The 02S, Hungary's first young rock band.

Wherever we go, there is a guarantee of madness and we tear off the ceiling.

We are loud and do not apologize for it.

Come on on April 28 to A38 if you love the fast-paced rock and

The melodic R&B/POP music!

Yeah, and if they liked to go crazy. ;)

Our guest band:

Neon Leon

Neon Leon is an international performer and producer straight from New York.

Its musical style is a special blend of rock, pop, funk and hip-hop.

Fans are not just for your music,

but also for his lectures with infinite energy and devotion.

He currently lives in Budapest and strives as many

Stuffed cabbage and Hortobágy pancakes as much as it can.

Neon Leon's amazing band has 6 members: 4 Ghanai (Bennyrocks, El, Jeremiah, Teni),

One Turkish guitarist (Berkay) and a Hungarian DJ (Zsud). This band is a miracle

and shows that music really has no boundaries.

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