Kéknyúl, Candlelight Ficus, Sfumato

Kéknyúl, Candlelight Ficus, Sfumato

Kéknyúl, Candlelight Ficus, Sfumato
Friday 19:30
Concert Hall

Kéknyúl, Candlelight Ficus, Sfumato

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Jazz

Kéknyúl who play dance music rooted in the soul and funk of the seventies, is a unique color spot on the Hungarian club and festival scene. The sound of the band is determined by Mátyás Premecz's Hammond organ and Andrew Hefler's passionate singing, which is complemented by exciting musical fabrics woven by six other musicians of the same rank, full-blooded wind vocals and lush guitars.

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The music of the band Kéknyúl (Blue Rabbit, founded in 2008) roots in the soul and funk music of the 70s, mixed with urban dance music. The sound is defined by two members basically: Matyas Premecz (keys) and Andy Hefler (vocals).

Matyas Premecz is a well-known organ player in Hungarian pop culture, with such bands as The Qualitons or Barabás Lőrinc Eklektric, but his name is always mentioned together with his trademark Hammond organ, and thats exactly why Kéknyúl was founded: to be able to fully exploit the possibilities of the instrument.

Andy Hefler was born in Los Angeles and has moved to Hungary in 1993. Hes an outstanding figure in the Hungarian cultural scene being a renowned actor, director and singer.

But the band and its sound is not complete without the other six members, and their new album, coming out this December, will be based on this conception. Mark Badics (drums), Istvan Bata (bass), Andras Jasz (alto saxophone), Attila Bognar (trombone), Csaba Puskas (trumpet) and Zsolt Csokas (guitar) equally took part in writing the new album and uniquely among todays Hungarian bands, all members have vocal parts as well.

The complex music of Kéknyúl (on their new album, Crowded Universe one can also find rock and psychedelic influences) attracts rockers, alternative teenagers and elderly jazz-lovers as well. The band is definitely among the best club- and festival bands of Hungary.






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