hari_drama, Smooth Monkey (AT)

hari_drama, Smooth Monkey (AT)

 hari_drama, Smooth Monkey (AT)
Saturday 20:00
Concert Hall

hari_drama, Smooth Monkey (AT)

  • Jazz


hari_drama is an art collective founded in 2021. Despite its short history, it made its way relatively quickly in the Budapest underground music scene, this summer they have already performed at several domestic festivals. Their concerts are characterized by an explosive, improvisational experience, they bravely draw energy from all over the world. The Orchestra is made up of rotating members with different perspectives and backgrounds, who regularly test themselves in diverse moods. some members of Gilizzta, Hakumba, TPSRPRT, Osaka Crack, WAVY and other music projects regularly contribute. hari_drama summons ghosts from the past and future and tries to lull the audience into a manic utopian fever dream.

Smooth Monkey (AT)

Smooth Monkey is a band you’ll only get to see once in a liftetime. With no limitations to genres and steady combinations with various artists around the world, the two main performers of the band, known as „AnV“ & „Big P“, break down music-theory in every way. Smooth Monkey mixes Alternative Hip Hop with RnB, Funk, Soul, Trap, Psychedelic, Rock, Pop and many other categories into their masterpieces. „It‘s all about the sound“ - as they love to say.

One thing is for sure: With Smooth Monkey on the stage you‘ll never miss out a beautiful atmosphere, mesmerizing moments and unforgettable experiences. Let us all be part of this journey.


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