Svaneborg Kardyb (DK), Richard Zalai

Svaneborg Kardyb (DK), Richard Zalai

Svaneborg Kardyb (DK), Richard Zalai
Friday 19:30
Concert Hall

Svaneborg Kardyb (DK), Richard Zalai

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Svaneborg Kardyb (DK)

One of the leading formations of the northern jazz, electronic, ambient scene is the keyboard-drum duo Svaneborg Kardyb. Nikolaj Svaneborg plays Wurlitzer, Juno and piano, and Jonas Kardyb plays drums and percussion in the Danish duo that straddles the border between chamber jazz and progressive electronica.

They have been active for ten years, their first source of inspiration was the melodic play of the North Sea and the wind blowing there, something like the songs of sea birds, and their music is much more warming than freezing, in fact, much more soft, melodic and peaceful, full of natural influences. The duo's music, drawing from Danish folk music and Scandinavian jazz influences, is characterized by a captivating and joyful mixture of beautiful melodies, delicate minimalism, catchy grooves, relaxed electronic vibes, Scandinavian atmosphere and organic interplay.

Richard Zalai

Richard Balazs Zalai is a Hungarian musician, producer based in Budapest, Hungary.

He is the master of creating chilling atmospheric moods.
As a multiinstrumentalist, he effortlessly steers between complex sounds. Mostly building on downtempo, ambient and modern classical cores, he invites the listener to an inner travel.

According to the top music blog in Hungary: “ Richard uses a plethora of harmonies and instruments to create a complex musical phenomenon, like the rainbow in the nature.”
His eclectic music taste allows him to create vast textural soundscapes that combines vintage elements and modern impressions.
His goal is very simple: make you have an eargasm.
First EP was released in 2021 by the british label called nieko.

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