Decolonize Your Mind Society

Decolonize Your Mind Society

Decolonize Your Mind Society
Friday 19:30
orr stúdió

Decolonize Your Mind Society

  • Jazz
  • World music, Folk


Drawing inspiration from the music of non-European cultures, non-tempered tunings, American minimalism and psychedelic, ritual music, Decolonize Your Mind Society was launched at the end of 2018 by Bálint Szabó Gosheven, as a natural extension of his previously started journey. The sound of the orchestra is also unique worldwide, as it embraces the music of thousands of years of cultures, from Javanese music to Central African polyphony to Japanese court ceremonial music, or from pure-tuned Indian music to the neutral thirds of the Middle Eastern makam to the otherworldly-sounding Tibetan gyaling horns and reinterprets it in a way never before heard, with the help of the technologies provided by the modern age.

Their debut album, released in October 2020 by Hunnia Records, reveals to us the extremely colorful world of pure tuning in a magical way. The special tunings are accompanied by many unique instruments, including Bálint Szabó's clean-tuned guitar, or Dániel Váczi's self-developed taragot-like wind instrument, the glissotar. The well-known British magazine The Wire raved about the album in a full-page review, while at home Recorder, Keret blog, Kulter and Dalszerzó also chose it as one of the best Hungarian albums of 2020. In addition, the band represented Hungary at the Eurosonic festival in January 2021.


Áron Porteleki - drums

Ernő Hock - bass

Máté Pozsár - synthesizer

Dániel Váczi - glissotar

Gergő Kováts - saxophone

Bálint Szabó - guitar with clear tuning

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