Irie Maffia 13th birthday party

Irie Maffia 13th birthday party

Irie Maffia 13th birthday party
Thursday 20:00
Concert Hall

Irie Maffia 13th birthday party

  • Hiphop, Funk, Soul
  • Reggae

A huge party celebrating the 13th birthday of Hungary's leading hiphop-world music orchestra, the Irie Maffia.

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Irie Maffia

Having been formed in 2005, Irie Maffia soon became favourite for the young party-goers of Budapest, which can hardly be considered a surprise given the powerful medley of reggae, hip-hop, rock and funk they play, and the impressive line-up in terms of the Hungarian underground-music scene. Sena, mc Columbo and mc Busa are all well-known figures of Budapest nightlife. Among the musicians are such names as Dermot, the ingenious bandleader and trombone-player, or Jumo Daddy, behind the keyboards.

Irie Maffia has two released albums, 'Hands in the air' (2007) and 'What's my name?!' (2009). 'The Beast' EP with 3 songs was out in July 2011, which is not released as a cd, but the fans can download for an sms. In 2011 autumn and winter the singles from ‘The Beast’ have been continuously staying on the Hungarian national radio (MR2)’s top 30 playing list for 6 months now, week by week. Songs are being written, the new album will come in the end of 2012.

Irie Maffia plays on the main stages, amongst the very best bands on all Hungarian summer festivals, and get more and more invitation to present their show on abroad as well. After visiting Poland, Italy, France, Romania, Austria, Serbia, Slovakia, Germany and the Netherlands, they look forward to the new experiences and concerts in 2012.

This evening Irie Maffia celebrates the 7. birthday with guests: Saiid and Újonc (Akkezdet Phiai), and Beat Dis, with presenting new songs and all the old favourites for you.

Line up
Élő Márton (Dermot): trombone
Horváth Gáspár (Jumurjack Ruby): keyboards
Barabás Lőrinc: trumpet
Ádám Szekér: guitar
Havas Miklós: bass guitar
Dési Tamás: drums
Oláh Antal: percussion
Baranyai Ákos (DJ Future): scratch
Busa István: texting
Kéri András (MC Columbo): texting
Kemon: texting


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