Next Level pres

Herobust (US), Dublic, B'Andre, Skrude, Sammie Beats

More tickets available at the DRK shops (Westend, Andrássy 33., Aréna Plaza)

Hayden Kramer, better known as Herobust, is a Bass Music Producer from Atlanta who supported Diplo, Skrillex, Datsik, Flosstradamus, and Marshmello. YOUREDM includes Herobust in their “Top 5 Best Trap Artists 2016” and Insomniac credits him as “one of the hottest voices in the trap-dance movement”. 

Friday The 13th w/
Herobust (Owsla, Mad Decent / USA)


✭ HEROBUST (Owsla, Mad Decent / USA)

✭ DUBLIC (Next Level / HU)

✭ B'ANDRE (Next Level / HU)

✭ SKRUDE (Next Level / HU)

✭ SAMMIE BEATS (Next Level / HU)


The incredible dubstep maniac twins, the greatest thrill on Budapest's electronic night scene.


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